JJ Sam – “Faded Realm” EP

Out of Lexington, KY rising underground Hip Hop artist JJ Sam releases his 2nd EP titled “Faded Realm“.  Follow him on Instagram @iamjjsam.

Artist Spotlight: Big Steilo: “Critical” & “Trenches”

The press release accompanying Big Steilo’s new track “Critical” described it as a ‘true artistic act, deeply moving and equally inspirational, thanks to Steilo’s honesty, truth seeking and illusion-breaking approach. He talks about his spirit and energy, and how many have disappointed him, pretending they love him, when in fact it is quite the opposite.’

The music video can be described in a similar way, as Big Steilo deals with his truths, describes the way he feels, and circles around his problems by explaining them to himself. The visuals display him talking to his reflection in the mirror, cruising around the city at night, and visiting a cemetery – all those elements put together into an emotional video of a man who tries to move on with his troubled mind. 

Let’s talk about Big Steilo’s style for a second. We are hooked with the way he slothers all over the microphone; both of the tracks feature a real killer flow, sharp lyrics, and some pretty dope punchlines. Even when he raps about his downhills, being at the bottom and fighting his way up – he stays focused, and doesn’t let himself lose it. 

On “Trenches,” he continues on delivering what he showed on “Critical” –   big charisma, good performing skills, smooth rhymes, and captivating storytelling. The plot again focuses on his way to jump up and build himself a household name. Despite continuing a very similar theme as the one he used for “Critical,” on “Trenches,” Big Steilo’s attitude changes. He speeds up, is more aggressive, but articulates his lyrics in a passionate and emotional way paced by faster and more bumpy beats. 

According to HipHop1997: Both ‘Critical’ and ‘Trenches’ are going to be featured on Big Steilo’s upcoming album Dogpound 2, so stay tuned! 

Defter – “Capital Gains” (Video)

Raw Proof and Strick-9 join forces as Defter, releasing their latest music video titled “Capital Gains“.  They spill guts about the ills of greed and disregard of human life when it comes to late-stage capitalism.  Follow them on Instagram @rawproof @stricknine999.

Camarabi – “Paper Lit” (Video)

CAMARABI releases his brand new music video for his self-produced single titled, “Paper Lit.” The video shows him and his friends celebrating success while he reminisces about the journey to get there. Champagne and good vibes are abundant in the visuals. The elegant video, shot by Minhute, well complements CAMARABI’s laid back and jazz-inspired record.  Follow him on Instagram @camarabimusic.

Usual Suspektz – “Put In That Work” (Video)

Hailing out of Toronto, Canada rising underground Hip Hop duo Usual Suspektz (Shawn Knottz and Sos – A – Leo) drop their latest hard-hitting music video titled “Put In That Work“.  This track is the lead single off their upcoming EP.  Follow them on Instagram @usual_suspektz.

Hailing from West Indies (Trinidad and Jamaica) the duo grew up in the inner cities of Montreal and Toronto and have been honing their skills for years as MCs while navigating all that comes with living in the big city. They have rocked on festival stages and small venues with the same energy and entertaining the crowd has always been the number one priority. Students of the 90’s era hip hop class, they stay close to the roots and stay true to the form that is making its way back to the genre. With the help of  veteran DJ and producer,  DJ Mercilless (Benny The Butcher, Ghostface, Styles P, Moon Crickets), they have found their current sound and are ready to take the hip hop world on and over.