Texas’ Curtis Mayz Turns Up At Demon Time

Dallas, Texas recording artist Curtis Mayz garners regional popularity due to his 2019 debut, “Fortune Lane.” After the debut’s long shelf life, Mayz returns with full-length anticipation in the new single, titled, “Dancin With Demons.” Equipped with a large draw and trendsetting wordplay, Mayz addresses his inner-demons to find divine tranquility.

Embodying the emotions of a current cultural climate, Mayz’s new single boasts confidence as he continues to rise up the top of ranks in the DFW landscape. Arising from the sunken place, he raps, “… gotta get high tryna get off the low, gotta get free tryna get off the boat.” Fighting his fears and helping others conquer do the same, Curtis Mayz’s skills earn him the title of “Next breakout star.”

“Dancin With Demons” is the lead to Curtis Mayz’s forthcoming project called Car Tunes. Scheduled for late-2020, the upcoming album explores the internal struggles we as humans face daily unbeknownst to the world.

Available on CMG, stream the new Car Tunes single below. Afterward, follow Curtis Mayz on Twitter for daily updates and more.

Xnex – Lost File 00 (EP)

Rising Canadian Artist/Songwriter Xnex recently released his debut EP “Lost Files 00”. His career started in 2018 with 2 freestyles that ultimately propelled him into his artistry. Since then he’s been developing his sound for this moment of his first release.

“Lost Files 00” hosts boastful lyricism & melancholy vibes. This EP is an illustration of his life and its experiences. The women. The life.. and everything that it takes to make it out of the city. 

Tune in below for his latest release, and stay tuned for more coming from Xnex.

The Quarter Inch Kings x Jeff Spec – “All In” (Album)

New album by The Quarter Inch Kings & Jeff Spec titled “All In“.  He shares stories relating to life, money and love conveys as his truth. Sharp wit and playful wordplay, combined with punchlines embedded with sage like wisdom are heard with every punchline.  Featuring Masta Ace and DJ Grouch.

VA Artist Tuff Shorty Releases 2 New Videos To His Latest Singles

Amid the release of his 15th project release ‘Trench & Trap2 :StayHungry,’ Portsmouth, VA rapper Tuff Shortyreleases a music video to one of it’s leading tracks, “SchoolYard to the Prison Yard”. Tuff Shorty offers a southern style to the ever-growing trap music, elevating the sound and blurring the lines of what is typically expected from southern rappers.

The life of a young wildboy is unpredictable, and Tuff Shorty has seen it all & done it all. He takes what he’s gained from the schoolyard and the prison yard and offers up a brand new banger for the streets to ride out to this summer.

Be sure to stream his new project, ‘Trench & Trap2 :StayHungry,’ and check out his new music videos here.

J-Stone Trash Wack 100 On New Zayside Hit, “Neighborhood Hero”

Nipsey Hussle-protege J-Stone and Cash Money West Executive, Wack 100 have been enthralled in a highly-publicized beef for months now which stems from Wack’s TMZ comment, claiming the late-Nipsey Hussle was not a Hip-Hop legend. The comment spawned into a press run and responds by close associates of Nipsey Hussle like Meek Mill, T.I. and of course J-Stone. Today, their beef spews out into the music as J-Stone takes shots at the high-profile manager on his guest verse on the new Zayside single, titled, “Neighborhood Hero.”

On the track, J-Stone defines Wack 100 as a “pretender,” referencing past street situations. He raps, “You still hanging at the park and you be with marks/You be speaking on Nias but you the one runnin’/Nia that shit Wack, that ain’t 100.”

The diss comes on the heels of J-Stone’s latest album, The Definition of Loyalty and ahead of him and fellow All Money In rapper Pac Man Da Gunman’s upcoming collaboration EP, Ground Zero. Before the diss verse, J-Stone and Wack 100 have been slinging disrespectful remarks to one another for months now over social media. Last month, in the Instagram post shown below, J-Stone made a post to Wack 100, explicitly saying, “Wack 100 You A Real Life Bitch.”

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Aye @wack100 you a Bitch in Real Life!! And to keep it all the way 💯 Nigga Nip hopped out on yo ass, got in yo face and pressed you and told you keep his name out yo mouth. You ain’t do shit but break it down to em. Fatts (RIP) was right there bout to knocc yo ass out. You bowed it down! Now since the homie ain’t here, you hard now? Nigga you a 🤡 THE REAL REASON WHY YOU DONT LIKE THE HOMIE IS CAUSE HE MARKED YOU OUT WHEN HE WAS HERE AND YOU AINT DO SHIT!

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Produced by Faiz, “Neighborhood Hero” is the second release from Washington recording artist Zayside. With the track’s progressive message and title, the new star believed it was perfect for someone of J-Stone’s pedigree to co-star due to his affiliations in the streets and deemed to “shake up the world” by Nipsey Hussle-himself.

“I’m glad that I could connect with an artist like J-Stone – that was big for me,” Zayside praised about working with J-Stone. “He and the All Money In camp are big inspirations to many, and the fact that I got the chance to lock in and work with them was an honor, especially as my first big feature. it’ll mean something to me forever.”

The new J-Stone and Zayside, who goes by Zaysidee on Instagram, collaboration endorsed the release of a short documentary on the up-and-coming Seattle recording artist as he transitions from Basketball star to on the verge of Hip-Hop superstardom. Watch it above. “Neighborhood Hero” follows Zayside’s debut, “Caught Up” and prepares the anticipated release of debut project coming late-2020.

Stream the new single below and stream J-Stone’s new album, The Definition of Loyalty, available on all DSPs via All Money In.

Axel Holy – “Let It Go” (Video)

As the third drop from his debut album, “WonderWorld“, Bristol’s Axel Holy premieres the animated visual for new single, “Let It Go”, coinciding with the album’s release. His distinct voice cuts thru the beat, spitting razor sharp flows around the theme of getting the space he needs to breathe, executing his life’s purpose and ready to grab the game by the bull’s horns.  Just let go during this pandemic and tune in to one of the dopest lyricists out the UK!