Willy Da Funky Kid finds peace as “The Sun Is Setting”

Emerging indie rapper Willy Da Funky Kid ( a/k/a WDFKshares his new song “The Sun Is Setting” which sees him finding solace away from the craziness of the modern world we live in. Backed by a soulful and somber horn-driven boom-bap backdrop, he reflects on how stressful life can be and the best way to go through it is to relax and face it with a clearer mind. His lyrics are easygoing and evocative while his animated flow works well over the soothing instrumental laid before him. 


Willy Da Funky Kid (WDFK) is a 27-year-old rapper based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is inspired by rappers such as Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey, Biggie, K-Dot, Mac Miller, Logic etc.

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Double A.B. shares visuals for “Ray Liotta” [Video]

Veteran NY lyricist Double A.B. is back in the business with his new hard-hitting single “Ray Liotta” which pays homage to the actor and its accompanying visual.  Bolstered by Parallel Thought‘s cinematic and haunting backdrop, Double A.B proceeds to exorcise his demons with off-kilter and unapologetic lines like “Y’all clowns couldn’t cut me with baking soda/ The Ray Liotta of the 80s baby soldiers/Spent most of..my days twisted, I could relate to Yoga“. His lines are authoritative and his laid-back flow is unassuming but don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, the man packs a punch.

The track comes with a moody visual shot by Robert Cutrona who makes use of different movie clips from Ray Liotta and more and also performance shots of Double A.B himself.

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dichotomi shares visuals for their single “STF 17” [Video]

Emerging Toronto-based alternative rapper dichotomi shares their new single “STF 17” , a mellow summertime jam that serves as the lead single from the upcoming debut EP. The chilled bright and playful tune produced by fellow Toronto musician Frizzy Astro see them delivering melodic lines with heartfelt and evocative lyrics that dwell on the positive side of things.

The animated visual shows dichotomi enjoying the summer sun in the beach and just basking in the warm glory as their worries slowly fades away.


Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘STF 17’, dichotomisays, “It was the first pandemic winter, and I was really sick… I couldn’t go outside because the weather, and I had no energy or motivation to make life inside more enjoyable because of the mental and physical effects of the pandemic. At a real low point, I started fantasizing about summers in Toronto and told myself that ‘everything will be better in the summer’ – as soon as I said it aloud, I felt compelled to write a song on that theme.

The track quickly took a political lean as I began to ruminate on the social, political, and economic forces that forced me into such a fragile position in the first place. ‘STF 17’ is most definitely a critique of our capitalist society, but with the added goal of offering some levity — allowing us to hope for a more equitable future. Be critical, be angry, be sad, but don’t let the state of this world keep you from turning your face to the sun every chance you get, and tirelessly seek the tiniest moments of joy”.

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LMD (LMNO, MED and Dudley Perkins) wants you to take their “Advice” [Video]

LMD is a rap trio made up of LMNO, MED, and Dudley Perkins who have come together to drop something refreshing in the form of this new single “Advice” and its visuals. The trio aims to take it back to the true essence of hip-hop with dope rhymes and well-crafted beats from the beat conductor himself Madlib. The result is a smooth smokey atmospheric jam that is underpinned by the rappers’ unfiltered bars that take shots at corporations who misuse and abuse the artform. The trio weave through the smooth backdrop with tandem rhymes and engaging flows to match.

The visual starts off with behind-the-scenes footage of the trio as they lay in the studio chopping it up. The visual slowly switches to them performing at different spots and also makes use of several performance shots all done in gloomy black and white aesthetics.

LMD started its mission almost 8 years ago through many smoked-out sessions and after many trials and errors, they finally created a super-soldier serum that has enhanced their creative abilities to a level never seen before. May all the galaxies tremble from the mighty vibrations of LMD!

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Abrax Phaeton share two singles “Still Not Rich” and “Summer ’22”

Abrax Phaeton comes through with two tracks from his new project It’s Whatever…IDGAF, a 10-track project that sees him teaming with producer/mix engineer Terrex who helps him with cinematic backdrops.

“Still Not Rich” is the main single and it’s a go-getter anthem that showcases his winning mentality. On this one, he implores listeners not to settle for less and shows us how growth allowed him to see further than his peers. He also realized that there is alwasy more to learn and growth never stops.

The second tune “Summer ’22” sees him reflecting on the summer of the year with an impending recession, he had to find new ways to afloat financially and fully enjoy the summer. He makes use of a moody trap backdrop to share his story andhow he is making moves to achieve his master plan.

Listen to the album It’s Whatever…IDGAF, below



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The Insomniak’s “They Say” is all about growth

Indie rapper The Insomniak delivers uplifting bars in his new single “They Say”. Backed by a bright playful backdrop, he talks about blocking out the negative talks and detractors who try to limit us by focusing on the most valuable things which is self-confidence and the power to control and determine our own destinies.


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Slo Five takes us “Somewhere Else”

Eclectic producer Slo Five comes through with a solid single titled “Somewhere Else”. The track blends lofi aesthetics, and retro jazz textures with punchy boom bap drum grooves in a seamless manner. At less than 2 minutes long, the track slowly builds up with the dusty piano riffs, airy nostalgic horns underpinned by the filtered melodic vocal samples splashed across the beat. It’s perfect for that cool afternoon jazz playlist especially the type to relax to.

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Drww Christopher embodies the spirit of the “G.O.A.T”

“G.O.A.T” is the newest release from emerging rapper Drww Christopher who breaks the hinges with fiery bars and unprecedented confidence. Backed by a lush guitar pluck-driven punchy soundscape, he proceeds to launch verbal missiles at the naysayers and detractors alike. He is quite unapologetic and holds nothing back as he proclaims himself the G.O.A.T.


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Rachel Geek keeps it “Spine Straight” [Video]

Rachel Geek‘s latest effort titled “Spine Straight” is an unbridled journey into the dark spots in her head. The mid tempo record sees her exploring true emotions while exorcising the inner demons alike. Her flow is dynamic as she employs a variety of cadences underpinned by fiery intent and vivid evoctaive lyrics that digs deep into her psychology.

The visual has a moody cyrptic feel as it cpatures Geek in an unknown spot performing in the open. It exudes a late 90s horro flick in some ways but makes ample use of Geek’s energetic performance style.

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Graphinity gets into reflective mode in “TEN THOUSAND MILES”

Graphinity makes his entry on our site with his new single “TEN THOUSAND MILES”. The track samples a classic Jackson 5 song and flips it into a somber, nostalgic vibe made up of lush textures and melodic vocal chops over soft percussions. Graphinity proceeds to drop some heartfelt bars about a lady who used to be in his life and now he is lovelorn and hopes to see her once again.

Graphinity is an artist from Frederick, Maryland.


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