NL Skooby Releases New Song “Do Tha Dash”


Emerging Bay Area recording artist NL Skooby is unstoppable in 2023 following the successful release of his latest project, Love Me Before It’s Too Late. And with two more projects on the way to complete the trilogy, he kicks off the new year with a buzzing new track in “Do Tha Dash.”

For his latest release, Skooby impresses with a catchy hook, trendy production, and, most importantly, hypnotizing rhymes about being too busy looking good. While old fans may be pleased by the recording artist’s signature sound, for newfound fans, “Do Tha Dash” is the perfect origin point to hop on the bandwagon and ride with him to the top of the charts.

Love Me Before It’s Too Late is Skooby’s third full-length release following 2019’s Still No Love and 2020’s Trust. Released in 2022, LMBITL features 14 new songs, including breakout hits “Struggle With Me,” “Drop A Bag,” and “Broken Promises” featuring Mozzy. NL Skooby music is available on all streaming platforms via Lickz Ent.

Skobby’s resume includes collaborations with hip-hop superstars YK Osiris, Quando Rondo, Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Dizzy Wright and more. Before the release of his upcoming project, stay tuned to everything NL Skobby on social media.

You may stream NL Skooby’s new single, “Do Tha Dash,” below.

Bimpin Drops New Song “heaven at night”


Emerging new artist Bimpin enters 2023 on a high after a hugely successful 2022 with buzzworthy new music like his latest release, intriguingly titled “heaven at night.” Written and recorded by the artist himself, the song is executive produced by Sinatramadeit and KB and mastered by Gabi Grella.

For Bimpin, the song is about the challenges that come with navigating through the music industry and the price of fame. It touches on the darker aspects of the industry, possibly referencing the cutthroat nature of the business and the sacrifices that must be made in order to rise to the top. It is worth noting that the song was reportedly written and recorded in a short recording session in Chicago, suggesting that it may be a particularly personal and intimate portrayal of Bimpin’s experiences and reflections on his journey in the music industry.

“I sat in the studio, lost in the magic of creating music,” said Bimpin about making the song. “I couldn’t help but feel like I was in heaven at night. The melody flowed through me like a river, and I knew that this song was going to be something special.”

Critics say “heaven at night” is thought-provoking, introspective, and, most of all, unique.

The song was a part of four new releases from Bimpin in 2022, which also includes previously released singles “Memories,” “Fast!,” and “2Life.” However, Bimpin’s latest single is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the rising star. After the stream, continue to follow him on social media for daily updates and so much more.

You may stream “heaven at night” below.

RhymeStyleTroop Has A Message For The Youth With Blame One In New Visual “Each1Teach1”


January 13, 2023

[embedded content]

2022 was a great year for RhymeStyleTroop consistently releasing new music, rocking shows, and the launch of her official website. She is back with a message for the youth enlisting Blame One for her newest single and video “Each1Teach1” produced by Preed One with scratches by D-Styles.

Bukshot Rings in Friday the 13th with “When Hell Freezes” (EP Review)

January 13, 2023

This is the 18th EP from Louisville, Kentucky emcee & Mobstyle Music founder Bukshot. From his lengthy solo discography to the group & duos that’s formed with some of the biggest names that the underground has to offer, there’s no question that dude’s been putting it down for the culture for a grip at this point. He just dropped the ferocious Never Safe last spring prior to his appearances at Astronomicon around that same time & is now seeing fit to put When Hell Freezes up on DSPs in light of Friday the 13th.

After the “Kafkaesque” intro, the title track truly opens up the EP with a cinematically haunting instrumental courtesy of 7 airing out those who want him out of the game prior to the almighty Alla Xul Elu & Lo Key tagging along for the apocalyptic trap banger “Rise Up” talking about running this shit from underneath. Stevie Stone comes into the picture for the cavernous “We Was” looks back to the days on the block while the song “Chant” with the Super Famous Fun Time Guys sees the trio over some kicks & snares talking about having these ways of crushing their dreams. The penultimate track “Death Dance” with the Lune Squad has a more morbid trap flare to it confessing they see their skeletons dancing & the Godsynth-produced “Beat ‘Em Up” ends with The Underground Avengers linking up with Zitro for a fight anthem.

Mobstyle have been rightfully experiencing a rise in popularity within the underground wicked shit scene within the last 3 years & if this is how Buk’s gonna ring in 2023, then it only increases my anticipation for what Mobstyle has coming down the pipe such as Cabal’s sophomore album The Bottomless Pit & of course The Horde’s eponymous debut. The production’s knocking, nearly every feature comes correct & Buk sounds as ruthless as before.

Score: 8/10

Declaime & Madlib Compile the 3rd Installment of the “In the Beginning” Series (Album Review)

This is the 14th full-length album from Oxnard veteran Declaime. Debuting on “WLIX” off Tha Alkaholiks’ sophomore album Coast II Coast in 1995, it wouldn’t be until 2001 when Dudley Perkins started putting out albums under his own name by dropping Andsoitisaid. But coming fresh off LMD’s long-awaited debut Flying High last summer, he’s linking back up with Madlib for the 3rd installment in the ongoing In the Beginning series where the 2 dig up some of their earliest & previously unreleased work together.

“Ill Minded” is a bit of a hazy opener with Declaime talking about verbally abusing those who dare step up to him whereas “Laff Now Cry Later” goes into more boom bap turf advising people that your day will come sooner or later. The cassette demo version of the “Andsoitisaid” title track is interesting to hear considering the version we got 8 years later has a different beat & is a little bit longer just before Roc C tags along for the lo-fi “Come with the Ill Grammar” advising to have some dope ass syntax when speaking to them.

The remix of “Why Do We Go Out Like That?” is cool even though I personally prefer the version we have on the Lootpack’s rarities compilation The Lost Tapes leading into “Too Much Clout” returning to the boom bap flexing his lyrical prowess. God’s Gift’s verse on the battle rap-themed “12th Floor” is just ok with the sounds of ocean waves in the beat gives it a bit of a calm atmosphere prior to the raw sounding “Next Episode” with Christopher McCray showing y’all how they move it. “Ass Will Get Dropped” with M.E.D. finds both Oxnard emcees letting y’all know what’ll happen whenever C.D.P. pulls up to your spot over a mellow instrumental & prior to the outro beat skit, we’re treated to the original version of “Rollem Right” off Dudley’s debut EP Illmindmuzik as the official closer.

If you’ve been keeping up with the In the Beginning series, you should already know what you’re gonna be getting yourself into & I don’t mean that in a bad way because all 3 installments thus far are must-listens for any hardcore Madlib fan. His production pulls from funk, jazz, soul & psychedelia with Declaime continuing to pay homage to the city that he came from by further presenting his early days on the mic. However, one of the biggest criticisms I have is that I feel that the intros to 6 of the 11 actual songs we get here are kind of annoying especially since the track listing is prominently intro & song back to back.

Score: 7/10

Skyzoo Embarks Us on a Journey through “The Mind of a Saint” (Album Review)

This is the 8th full-length album from Brooklyn veteran Skyzoo. Emerging in the underground off the 9th Wonder produced Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, he continued to make a name for himself with a lengthy yet very consistent discography. Highlights include The Salvation, the !llmind produced Live from the Tape DeckA Dream Deferred, Music for My Friends, the Apollo Brown produced The Easy Truth, In Celebration of Us & my personal favorite: the Pete Rock produced Retropolitan. Last time we heard from Sky was a year & a half ago when he dropped the gentrification-themed All the Brilliant Things, but is returning to dedicate The Mind of a Saint to one of my favorite shows ahead of it’s final season next month: Snowfall.

“Eminent Domain” is a jazzy boom bap opener encouraging to picture opportunities by rewriting the rules whereas “Views from the Valley” takes a more soulful route in terms of sound acknowledging how the angels look different on the other side of the city. “Panthers & Powder” brings back the jazz with some kicks & snares admiring the beauty within all of it leading into the spacious “Straight Drop” talking about how it’s God levels in the town when they up.

Moving on from there with “100 to One”, we have Sky acknowledging that he has more to say than a few 16 bars & a hook on here saying it’s best to act like you ain’t know over a swooning beat with some trumpets leading into the piano-infused “Bodies!” opening up about everyone Franklin has killed so far deserved to die. “The Balancing Act” blends some horns & crooning vocals together talking about being the messiah type while “Brick by Brick” returns to the boom bap kicking that outside shit for the 1 time. The penultimate track “Apologies in Order” is an endearing open letter with the beat having a glistening quality to it & “Purity” is a solemn 7-minute closer with talking about becoming the oracle.

There’s always been a source of inspiration for every single body of work that Skyzoo has put out & it’s amazing how he continues to be consistent after all these years because I don’t see how anyone who has the sane amount of love for hip hop & Snowfall would dislike this album. He excellently captures what Franklin Saint’s innermost thoughts could be when dealing with the world he’s caught within & the production playing to the conventional jazz/boom bap hybrids we’ve come to know & love him for.

Score: 8/10