SportVVS Goes Pink In Live Performance of “Pink Roses”

Maryland’s own SportVVS pours up in his feeling in the intimate new visual for “Pink Roses.” Secluded in a pink aura, the rising star is a livewire with his signature Rock-Hop sound. The performance is in support of the artist’s upcoming debut album, Sport Mode.

“I feel like I’m just different,” SportVVS told DMV journalist Ahmad Davis. “Especially coming from the underground scene and being where I’m from. My sound is refreshing because it can’t be boxed in like most artists. Not many people are trying to make real songs anymore. Right now in my career it’s all about having fun and providing positive vibes, but in the future my focus will be to take my brand to a whole nother level. When I speak, I want to impact lives. I’m going to be the biggest artist on the planet.”

“Pink Roses” has accumulated over a million streams across all platforms. The single’s success builds high expectations, as well as anticipation, for the new star’s forthcoming album. Sport Mode is coming soon.

SportVVS’s culturally diverse upbringing adds to the unique approach he takes when writing songs, often pulling from his Spanish heritage to construct hooks. He broke onto the scene and cemented himself amongst the “New Gen” in 2021. More new music and live performances on the way.

Check out the new video below, and afterward, follow SportVVS on social media.

Fredro Starr Refines His Production as SmooVth Travels Down a ”Project Near You” (Album Review)

This is the 14th full-length album from Hempstead emcee SmooVth. Coming up as 1/2 of the duo Tha Connection alongside Hus Kingpin, he would also build an impressive solo discography for himself along the way with my personal favorites being just about everything that Giallo Point has ever done with him: Portrait of a PimpMedellin, the sequel to the latter Medellin II: Don Fabio Amongst Wolves. But when it was revealed that Fredro Starr of the revered Queens duo Onyx was gonna behind the boards for Project Near You from beginning to end, my anticipation for it was very high considering that Q started making beats recently as well as Onyx vs. Everybody being the best thing that he & Sticky Fingaz have done together since the Snowgoons-produced SnowMads nearly 3 years back.

“Project” is a soulful opener vividly describing how it be in Hempstead whereas “The High” works in some pianos to talk about making a band. “That’z Us” brings some stellar vibraphones in the mix so that both parties can give it to you raw & uncut, but then Tha Connection links up for the piano/boom bap hybrid “Niggary” with both MCs spitting some gritty ass gangsta raps.

Meanwhile on “17 a Key”, we have SmooVth over a drumless loop getting on his pyrex shit leading into J.D. Era tagging along for the dreary “100 Up” talking about how no one can fuck with them even though J.D.’s verse has to be the weakest feature on the album with all respect. Fredro himself comes into the picture for the title track lacing some acoustics & dusty drums advising that they’ll be pulling up to a hood nearby just before “Straight A’s” brings back the keys looking back on being told he can’t get paid or laid.

The song “Imagine” shoots for a more tranquil aesthetic instrumentally providing food for thought while the penultimate track “Corner Pockets” returns to grimier territory talking about how ruff & rugged shit can get. “Sad & Blue” however ends the album with glossy beat & a sample of “La Di Da Di” by Slick Rick as SmooVth tells his audience that’s exactly how he’s feeling.

Now, if you happen to be a fan of both of these guys like I am, then I highly recommend giving Project Near You a listen because it’s one of my favorite SmooVth albums to date. The lyricism from him & nearly every feature takes you through the harsh realities of the Big Apple with Fredro’s continuing to refine his production game, as the shit he cooks up here is even better than what I heard on the last Onyx EP.

Score: 8/10

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After Juneteenth, Sho Baraka & Mag44 Present “Black As Heaven” Visual

RMG Amplify presents a new collaboration between the talented Sho Baraka and amazing Mag44 in the new visual titled “Black As Heaven,” which is subtitled “Portraits of Blackness.” The latest video continues the creative campaign for Our Daily Bread Ministries’ VOICES Collection, who presented the documentary and soundtrack, Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom. On “Black As Heaven,” Sho sticks to his signature style of relevant and thought-provoking content.

Produced by Derek Minor, the visual interpretation is the first of two videos shot for the song. The album attracted to the video boasts 13 cohesive cuts that echoes the truth and revelation of how the recently recognized federal holiday Juneteenth came to be. And with “Black As Heaven,” the project features standout hits “Where Do We Go” and “Black Reconstruction.” The hits are accompanied by additional guest features, including S.O., Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, Carvena, Marqus Clae, Chill Vibes, Reflect, Mark Evan Diaz, Lucius B. Hoskins, J.Dot, Derek Minor, Swoope, theBeatbreaker, and Rivertown.

The VOICES community discusses, develops, and distributes resources by Black Christian content creators for communities of color. The VOICES community seeks to share our particular stories to make God’s life-changing wisdom understandable and accessible to all. VOICES amplify God’s goodness, guidance, and help to us. Experience our stories and celebrate God’s legacies in the lives of Black people with us, as we bear witness to Black dignity and our identity as God’s image bearers.

“Black As Heaven” is directed by Nasia Danielle.

Watch the new video below and stream Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom Soundtrack here. For more on Sho Baraka and Mag44, follow them on social media.

Barny Fletcher is entranced by the “Intergirlactic”

London singer/songwriter/ rapper Barny Fletcher debuted in 2019 with his unique blend of hip-hop, soul and R&B style preceded by the singles “Christ Flow” and “Blu Skyes,”. This was followed by 2 solo projects CANVAS2033, and its follow-up, BOZO, which garnered him some buzz and led to him performing at the BBC Introducing Stage at Radio 1 Big Weekend. and performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza Paris, Reading & Leeds, and The Great Escape. His latest single “Intergirlactic” sees him fusing soothing pop melodies with fiery raps over a The Neptunes-inspired soundscape made up f rich guitar riffs, lush synths and punchy drums. The chorus is catchy for sure and his lyrics are engaging and expressive as well.

 “Intergirlactic” is a precursor to Barny’s forthcoming mixtape project, due out in October.


Stream on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Eliy Orcko and S I M want her to “SHINE!”

Midwestern Hip Hop artist Eliy Orcko and U.K producer S I M caught our ears with their new collaboration titled “SHINE!”. The jazz-infused soulful track sees him pour adulations on his girl with heartfelt descriptive lyrics and a carefree demeanour. He details how they met and the experiences they share together and what the future may hold for their blossoming relationship.


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DJ Hectik and Pawz One team up for “Don’t Flex”

 Los Angeles DJ / Producer DJ Hectik and emcee Pawz One warn pretenders to “Don’t Flex” in their new collaboration. Over DJ Hectik’s moody and haunting backdrop, Pawz One sends verbal darts at perpetrators and keyboard warriors who have more bark than bite. He sure doesn’t let up and hits them with several 1-2 jabs and then some.

The single (now available via all DSP’s) is an early preview to Hectik’s forthcoming album The Outline from which he has previously leaked tracks (with accompanying videos) featuring Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Mic Bles, Planet Asia, MonzArmy and Killah Priest. He has also recorded an album called Built From Scratch with another impressive array of guests appearing on. More news on the release of both albums shortly.

Stream “Don’t Flex via DSP’s here.

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L.O Heemz looks for answers to reverse the “Father’s Curse” [Video]

The visual concept depicts the dynamics between an alcoholic father and his child and how it all adversely affects the kid.

Keep up with L.O Heemz | TikTok: Instagram

Check out new single from Briti$h titled “Raceway” (Prod by Lieu)

UK rapper Briti$h makes an entry on our site with “Raceway”, a jazz-infused tune that showcases his unique songwriting and flow. Backed by the soulful backdrop provided by Lieu, the rapper brings to the foreground a mix of heartfelt, bravado and wordplay while paying homage to the culture of hiphop.

Stream on all DSPs here.

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Spooks McGhie shares visuals for “CHALICE/Look Pon we” [Video]

Spooks McGhie gets into his bad in his single “CHALICE/Look Pon we” where he embodies the spirit of a young king stating his claim. Over the energetic and bouncy backdrop, Spooks delivers a fiery performance ripe with aspiration and bravado lyrics that detail his journey to the apex. The record is produced by Spooks McGhie and Space Liberace. The “Look Pon we”  portion of the track sees him bringing out his Caribbean roots as he blends patois raps with fast-paced English flows.

The visual was directed by shot and edited by Abib Jahleel who helps capture Spooks’s vibrant style and cheerful demeanor.

Keep up with Spooks McGhie | TikTok: Instagram