DNY$3 Is A “Better Man” Who Won’t Settle (Audio Ft. Stepasmooth)

DNY$3 releases his new single “Better Man” through Potland Ownagun Productions. The record also features Stepasmooth for a captivating nuptial between vocals and rhymes.

A smooth, sexy backdrop with body-swaying melodies encompass DNY$3’s gentle, yet confident vocals. Today he is a better man and continues to strive to be even better.

In his past, so many women claimed to love him but left. Now DNY$3 desires a woman who lives out the definition of being down. He poses certain questions such as; if he was to get locked up will she hold him down, when he needs a queen will she wear the crown, and if he lost it all would she still be around?

Stepasmooth comes in to deliver his verse, backing up DNY$3’s message. If being with a man who’s bettered himself is not in the plan, well then ladies find yourself another man.

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Bronze Whale , 5-D and Poles take us into the “Municipal”

Bronze Whale began in the winter of 2011 between music veteran and longtime drummer Aaron Jaques, and newcomer Benny Alley and they have slowly built their repertoire as a production duo. Their latest release “Municipal” is a collaboration with 5-D and Poles who have worked with them on previous efforts. The track is a smooth and bouncy tune ripe with moody and airy textures underpinned by fiery and insightful bars that would keep listeners bopping their heads and thinking deeply as well.

“Municipal” is taken from the Take A Seat EP.


Stream the Full EP available here.

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MoCity Jones is ready to “Face The Beat”


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Luzzey Delivers Emotional Performance In “Darkside (Like I Do)” Video

UK-based artist Luzzey announces the release of his new single “Darkside (Like I Do).” The record awakens a tribal vibe looped with Pop & innovative R&B melodies, driven by guitar riffs.

The esteemed artist says this about the record, “The record expresses how you will do anything for the one you love and the reality of a relationship when one person goes and the other can’t let go. Especially knowing no one else can love them like you.” 

The video begins with an emotional Luzzey in a field vocally reminiscing about a past love, a love that is not easily erased. Images of the two dancing, smiling at each other and enjoying a tranquil picnic intermittently fade in and out of the video.

Although she left him, Luzzey will still wait for her return. “Oh I’d face the dark side of the moon If it means I’d be with you (Oh Oh) You know he can’t, he love you like I do I’ll be waiting here for you Even if days are De Ja Vu (Oh Oh) You know he cant love you like I do.”

Anyone who’s lost love,  or let that one forever love slip away, will grip onto Luzzey’s tale with a racing heart and shaky soul.  Watch the video for “Darkside (Like I Do)” and connect below.

Stream “Darkside (Like I Do)’ on preferred platforms.

Luzzey – Darkside (Like I Do) (ffm.to)





Katana Da Don is all about the “Move” (Prod. by Cassieopia) [Video]

Emerging rapper/songwriter Katana Da Don pours her heart out on wax in her new release titled “Move”. Over an upbeat and bouncy soundscape provided by Cassieopia, she reflects on the ups and downs of a rocky relationship, negative thoughts, and finding the light within the darkness surrounding her. Armed with a commanding flow and knack for penning insightful bars, the track sure dives deep into relatable themes that listeners can easily latch on to.

The song comes with an animated visual that follows Katana as she finds the energy within her to get out of the doldrums.

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Alexia Jayy Glorifies True Love In New Video “I Need A Man”

Alabama recording artist with so much soul Alexia Jayy stars as a hopeless romantic in the finding mister perfect new music video for the hit song “I Need A Man.”

The follow-up to standout singles “Who Raised You” and “It Ain’t Easy” is a Abraham Poythress-produced love song that appreciates a southern gentleman. Alexia Jayy is courted by an amazing lover that appeals to all the buzzing artist’s desired requests. The song’s catchy wordplay and soulful vocals promote manifestation.

“This record is about manifesting the perfect man,” said Alexia on the video’s concept. “Making kings understand that they are needed and helping couples realize that they have a good one on their side.”

“I Need A Man” had a phenomenal summer that garnered over a million views on TikTok. The new visual is a perfect jump-on point to Alexia Jayy’s bandwagon where you may continue to follow her journey on social media.

“I Need A Man” is co-written by the talented James “Jay Lyriq” Cohen.

Watch the new video below, and you may stream it here.

Miki Rose and El. Train share collaborative single “Wasted”

Singer-songwriter Miki Rose is back with a new single “Wasted” which sees her collaborating with producer El Train. Over a smooth, warm backdrop, she delivers a tale of self-realization in a fledgling relationship and taking the right steps to free herself of unnecessary restraints. Armed with her distinct melodic runs and vivid songwriting prowess, she gives an emotionally powerful performance ripe with confidence and hindsight as she comes to terms with an ex-lover with whom she wasted time and energy.

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Teflon and DJ Premier expose the “Contraband”

Teflon of M.O.P.’s First Family and longtime collaborator DJ Premier team up for a brand-new banger, “Contraband,” taken from the emcee’s anticipated LP, Two Sides To Every Story, half of which is produced by the legendary producer, with the flip-side produced by talented beatmaker, Jazimoto. The track is built on a menacing string, heavy bass-laden drums, and classic vocal scratches by preem and exudes pure cinematic vibes that fit Teflon’s commanding vocals. Teflon is in his element as well as he details the dynamics of his life in his younger years while giving props to everyone on the proverbial grind. In the name spell, he throws a middle finger to the system hellbent on holding back the everyday man.

For hip-hop heads and longtime Tef fans alike, this is a welcome reunion as the duo’s alliance traces back to the early days of M.O.P., where Teflon appears on the group’s sophomore LP, Firing Squad. The Brooklyn spitter later appeared on “4 Alarm Blaze” alongside Jay-Z (First Family 4 Life, 1998), as well as the remix for “Ante Up” featuring Busta Rhymes and Remi Ma (Warriorz, 2000). Tef would later reconnect with Preem for a 12-inch single, “F.U.”/”Comin’ At Cha,” along with several unreleased gems from Tef’s shelved Def Jam debut.

“Contraband” is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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London, UK-based multi-faceted rapper/spoken word artist and visual artist Apex Zero returns with a compelling piece of art in visual form. Entitled “DRUMMER WARRIOR STORYTELLER (PART ONE)”, the piece is a 14-minute epic body of work that explores the dynamics of life from different viewpoints. The overarching theme of the project encapsulates Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s perception of storytelling. Starting with the drummer who calls and gathers the people to the warrior who experiences the horrors and victory of war to the storyteller who collates and recounts the history and embodying the memories of those who survived. The record is a blend of spoken word laced with dark brooding hard-hitting soundscapes that blend perfectly with Apex’s visceral rhyme schemes, thought-provoking subject matter, and insightful approach to delicate real-time issues.

The visual film is as thrilling as it gets with its seamless storytelling that blends music, and art with expressive dance and somewhat abstract motifs that threads each track together. There is quite a lot to unpack here as well we get to experience a myriad of sounds and cultures from the motherland with a profound and nuanced lens.

Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part One) is produced in collaboration with Steph Be, Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Alethia Antonia, FUBUNATION, 3000CeanHill, Chiba Visuals, Informotion Worldwide, Village 101, GlobalFaction, Breakin’ Convention, Charlita ‘Lita-Styles’ Hall, Ekua McMorris, Dora Lam, Anna Beel, Ukombozii Ancestral Drums, Micall Parknsun, Al Lawson, In:Theory, Crazy Haze, Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and is supported by Arts Council England.


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Ja’Vell is feeling “EYE-CONIC”

Chicago-born, Carolina-based artist Ja’Vell returns with an anthemic tune titled “EYE-CONIC” which sees him embodying the spirit of a go-getter and an artist trying to make a mark in the industry. Bolstered by a classic vocal sample and bass-heavy trap soundscape, Ja’Vell delivers an energetic performance ripe with a vivid lyricism that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

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