Chames shares “Root of Evil” (feat. Breana Marin) and “The Last Trumpet”

Chames shares two new cuts from his discography and once again showcases his insightful and conscious leanings as he reflects on personal issues and real-time topics that everyone can relate to.

The first cut “Root of Evil ” is a collaboration with vocalist Breana Marin who delivers a soulful melodic performance on the hook section. Chames takes time to reflect on how the love of money can lead individuals astray and he also looks at his own personal flaws and implores listeners not to fall victim to the trappings of money.

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The second track entitled “The Last Trumpet” has a Gospel/soul-infused vibe and punchy drum grooves that put Chames in a celebratory mood. He looks at the bright side of things and counts all his blessings on both hands.

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Both songs are taken from his new album Revelation which is inspired by The Book of Revelation.


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Top instrumental submissions EP3 July 2021

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Achille – “Just Watch”

Chi-town-based producer Achille shares a new single “Just Watch” which sees him collaborating with Washington native Dylan Rowley.  The track blends subtle vocal chops, dusty piano riffs layered over punchy drum grooves. This is the first track taken from his new project Static.

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Vicstradamus – “Exiled”

Emerging producer Vicstradamus‘s new release “Exiled” is a laidback offbeat offering. From the punchy drums, chilled basslines, and one-note strings. It’s different and somewhat engaging.

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Carl Adams – “To Traverse the Hereafter”


Carl Adams takes us on a cosmic journey on  “To Traverse the Hereafter.” The beat has an atmospheric texture with its layered synths and punchy drum grooves, The breakdown section is alluring too with its dreamy bells.




K, Le Maestro – WHY CAN’T WE?”

London-based producer K, Le Maestro shares new single WHY CAN’T WE?” which showcases his versatile skill bending different genres. From the smooth soulful textures, West Coast funky grooves, and future soul elements the producer brings home the bacon on this gripping instrumental.

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Emancipator x Cloudchord – “Jade”


Production duo made up of Emancipator and Cloudchord team up to drop this alluring track titled “Jade.” A mellow, summer-tinged beat ripe with solid drum grooves and nostalgia-inducing textures. It’s taken from their new EP Citrus Fever Dream.


dbfromthebay – ‘Iso’

Emerging producer dbfromthebay shares his new beat tape titled Iso. The 40-minute long piece is ripe with soulful, lo-fi, and experimental sounds that showcase his versatility and original style.





Sebastian Kamae & Styn – “Tadasana”

Dutch producers Sebastian Kamae and Styn make their entry on our list with “Tadasana.” The track is an experimental hip-hop beat ripe with electronic and lo-fi elements from lush textures, dreamy synths, and punchy drums to match.

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Dude – “Anchor”

Dude goes for a somber and calm vibe with this piano-laden beat titled “Anchor.” The drums however are punchy and vibrant.


Kassamanno – “New Moon”

Canadian producer Kassamanno delivers “New Moon” to our list this week. The track is a somber and soothing beat ripe with lush jazzy guitar riffs, atmospheric textures, and soulful horns. Kassamanno is the newest chill-hop musical project by producer Glukes.

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CaliCronk – “When It Rains”

CaliCronk returns to the forefront with this sublime beat titled “When It Rains.” The track is quite relaxing with its nostalgic textures and soft drum grooves. Its perfect to lighten up one’s spirits and great background music to do chores with.

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RINZ. – “On My Way”

RINZ treats us with a summer-infused instrumental titled “On My Way” ripe with lush guitar plucks, soulful textures, and soft drum grooves. It’s actually warm and soothing.

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Sweeps x NK Music – “all said and done”


Sweeps and NK Music team up for “all said and done” a reflective piece ripe with soothing piano chords, moody pads, and smooth drum breaks. “all said and done” is taken from his upcoming project Epoch (out July 23).

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Chaz Emphatic – “Sparrow”

Chaz Emphatic employs the Isla Instruments S2400 to craft this somber head-nodding joint “Sparrow.” The record is smooth and ripe with somewhat dark but gripping textures and punchy boom-bap drums.

Stobbsyy – “12:56am”


Canadian producer Stobbsyy goes for an offbeat and experimental vibe on “12:56am” He makes us of a myriad of sound design skills and sounds to give the track a cinematic feel.

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Repeter T – “Seedless”


German producer Repeter T takes us back in time with the ethereal jazzy vibes on his new beat titled “Seedless.” He blends lush keys, heavenly horns over solid drum grooves. He also makes use of subtle vocal scratches at certain parts.

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Complx Baysixx – “AlternateReality”


NY producer Complx Baysixx shares this chilled, somewhat moody track “AlternateReality” with us. It is a smooth mix of reflective sounds and pulsating bass-laden boombap drum grooves.

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1968 – “Keynesian Times”


Swedish producer 1968 chops up a classic jazz tune for his new release titled “Keynesian Times” and the result is a chilled boom bap jazz vibe with lo-fi sensibilities.

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CaliCronk shares “taketaketake” and “Greens”

Producer CaliCronk shares some new and old cuts from his collection with us and it’s quite brilliant so let’s dive in.

The first cut “taketaketake” is a collaboration with Flapjaques and the result is a punchy lo-fi track ripe with layered sound designs and punchy drum grooves. It is a bit off-beat but works for the most part.

Get “taketaketake”on YouTube, Deezer

The second track titled “Greens” is a summer-infused track that samples nature, warm basslines and nostalgia-inducing guitar plucks. Overall, it exudes a reflective and warm vibe that is perfect for a summer playlist.

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Pawz One and Mykill Miers team up for “Stop Playin With Me”

LA rappers Pawz One and Mykill Miers form an unholy rap alliance on this hard-hitting collaboration titled “Stop Playin With Me.” The lyric riddled track is boosted by the cinematically punchy beat courtesy of Default Beats who sets the perfect stage for the duo to deliver unfiltered bars.


“Stop Playin With Me” is the first single taken off the upcoming collaborative LP Double Homicide by the duo.

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Babylung and Patrik Kabongo team up for “Nothing To Be Said”

Vancouver-based artist Babylung teams up with Toronto-based rapper Patrik Kabongo for this heartfelt and reflective track titled “Nothing To Be Said.” Bolstered by a moody and cinematic backdrop, the duo share their experiences dealing with inner demons and overcoming the struggles that come with them.

“Nothing To Be Said” is taken from Babylung’s forthcoming album To Live And Die In Surrey set for release on July 30th.

(Bayanihan Records)
01.  Betrayal
02.  Nothing To Be Said (feat. Patrik Kabongo)
03.  Funny Innit?
04.  Westside Shawty
05.  Better Days
06.  Saving Grace (feat. Brett Barron)
07.  To Live And Die In Surrey

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Deleteeglitch shares two cuts “chamomilian” and “rowdy roddy”

Indie rapper Deleteeglitch returns with two offbeat singles from his stash

The first cut titled “chamomilian” is a retro guitar-laden experimental track that sees him working with producer Followthelight. The track is offbeat and features the rapper delivering stream of consciousness raps in his unique fashion.

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“rowdy roddy” is a self-produced track and continues Deleteeglitch’s off-kilter approach to making music. From the engulfing and layered backdrop to the distorted vocal effects, he shows listeners a different side with his vivid and devil-may-care lyrics.

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SmooveLee and A-F-R-O team up for “L33FRO” [video]

“L33FRO” is a lyric-dense collaboration between Compton-based rapper SmooveLee and super lyricist A-F-R-O. The duo forms a deadly verbal alliance on this tune as they take turns in decimating the ominous backdrop laid before them.

The visual is quite engaging and makes use of several performance shots and visual effects to good use.

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Fresh Micks and J Cru find solace with “Views”

King City, CA-based producer/artist Fresh Micks teams up with  J Cru for this new collaborative single titled “Views.” The track is produced by multi-platinum producer Dylan Graham who makes use of a lush soul sample layered over punchy trap drum grooves. The duo delivers their lines with ease and run through their respective journeys as artists trying to make their way to the top.

“Views” is the first release from Micks since he dropped his Dream Big EP.

Michael Calvillo or known as Fresh Micks is an artist/producer/engineer originally from King City, CA. Fresh Micks first gained recognition with a small series of mixtape albums released from 2010-2013 including “Learning Experience” and “Hometown Hero”

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