Kengdom breaks off the “Vices”

Kengdom‘s new single “Vices” is a reflective and revealing track that dives deep into the rapper’s inner demons and flaws. Over a soulful backdrop made up of vocal samples, warm strings and punchy drum grooves, Kengdom gives listeners a sneak preview into his life as he digs deep to clear out the proverbial closet. He acknowledges his flaws and makes moves to rectify them.


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S.D Flame seeks “Redemption”

Mississauga Ontario-based rapper S.D Flame is fully hands-on with his craft and from rapping for fun in his teenage years, he went on to build his own recording studio and manage his affairs. His newest release “Redemption” is an insightful track that sees him reflecting on the journey of life. The ups, and downs, good and bad, S.D Flame savours each experience and uses it as a learning moment. Backed by a moody and sublime backdrop, he delivers his bars with passion and intensity that listeners can feel and vibe to.


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Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.


Chase Soundz – “PRECIOUS.”

Chase Soundz opens up this week’s video list with “PRECIOUS.” The record sees him musing on the dynamics and unpredictability of this thing called life. The visual is a mix of performance shots with animation that uses themes and lyrics to enhance the engaging element.


Lord Willin x XL the Beast – “Broken Windows” prod. by Nickel Plated

Lord Willin and XL the Beast share the visuals for their single “Broken Windows“. The Nickel Plated produced record has a haunting and cinematic feel that ties into the dual nature concept of the record. The emcees deliver heartfelt and candid rhymes laced with bravado. The music video shot by Sando Films perfectly depicts the dark and moody lyrics with it’s moody and dark aesthetics.



The Jack Moves – “Seabra”

The Jack Moves and director Poppie van Herwerden for the visual of their song “Seabra”. The summer-tinged love song has a retro vibe underpinned by breezy melodic runs and dreamy soundscapes. The duo heads all the way to Miami to fully capture the sun-soaked vibe of the famous city. The cinéma vérité style visuals show the band members and friends as they unwind after surviving another brutal winter. Within van Herwerden’s compositions, we see a tapestry of genuine sweetness, romance, and kinship. Perhaps a celebration of a new type of manhood in which stereotypical toxicity gives way to new principles of brotherhood, self-improvement, and sincerity. The “Seabra” video displays an intimate side of The Jack Moves as earnest as the lyrics of the song itself, “I would only do what’s best for you. “Seabra” is taken from their upcoming Cruiserweight release.





Noble Gas – “Catch Me In The Twilight Zone”

Experimental hip-hop duo Noble Gas (made up of  Divine Serpent and Saturn Super Soul ) make their entry on our list with  “Catch Me In The Twilight Zone”, a dark gripping record that serves as the duo’s debut single. As artists, they have been in the game in different capacities but this is the first time they are coming together to work on music. The result is a blend of insightful vivid lyrics underpinned by high octane bravado. The visual is a mix of various animated clips spliced together.



Sir Will – “Weight Up”

Sir Will closes out the list with the visuals for his song “Weight Up”. The phoenix-based, Compton-bred artist really gets into his bag on this one and blends catchy hooks and engaging lyricism to the forefront of the bass-heavy club-ready backdrop. The visual is engaging too and blends performance flips with seamless transitions and eye-popping effects.

Dom Deshawn teams up with Joey Aich & Meg Paulsen to “Getaway”

Columbus, OH native Dom Deshawn links with friends and frequent collaborators Joey Aich and Meg Paulsen for his newest single, “Getaway.” The track produced by Blu Majic Beat Co. has a mellow and sombre vibe that blends perfectly with Dom’s insightful lyrics that dwell on trying to escape from the craziness around. Dom opens up and shares his own flaws and daily worries and hopes to find time to pack up and leave the madness behind. Meg follows it with her soothing and alluring melodic chorus and a short hypnotic bridge. Joey gets his turn on the last verse and shares a candid viewpoint to close it out.

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Lil Flower Nasti drops new single titled “Bye Bye Boy” (Feat. Z-Man)

Lil Flower Nasti and Grammy-Nominated Gennessee have teamed up for this upbeat and soulful jam titled “Bye Bye Boy”.  The retro-tinged track is ripe with jazzy horns, soulful textures and a rousing drum groove underpinned by her fiery vocal tone and unapologetic songwriting about an ex who refuses to give up after the fact. The track also features SF emcee Z-Man who plays the meddling ex and adds a perspective from the other side. The track is also bolstered by Genevieve Goings‘s soothing backing vocals, the playful arrangement by Daniel Cohen and the rest of the Bay area team who worked tirelessly to deliver this anthemic goodbye message to the ex.

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Live and Die-Rek on Word is Bond

This week, I start off the show with a half hour mix of Die-Rek tracks and features before getting him on our phone lines for an in-depth and exclusive interview.

We talk about his brand new album and feature tracks from it while touching on topics such as writing and recording during the pandemic, distribution deals, the writing process, and much more.

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond
Arkeologists & Lee Ricks ft Die-Rek – Fire and Rain
Die-Rek – Remember
Die-Rek ft Rel McCoy – Unpredictable
Die-Rek & DJ Sean P – No Question
Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.EK. ft Die-Rek – For the Love
Jon Corbin ft Rel McCoy, Die-Rek, & Sean Prominent – Tonight’s the Night
Die-Rek – The Word
Die-Rek ft ChrisJay – Clap 2 This
Jon Corbin ft Sivion, ILL Seer, Shua James, Shad, Rel McCoy, Braille, & Die-Rek – Spit Hot Fire
Die-Rek ft DJ Versatile – Scars
Die-Rek – Year of Redemption
Die-Rek ft RKHTY – Eyes Across the Room
Die-Rek ft DJ Versatile – Microwaaave
High & Mighty ft Mos Def & Mad Skillz – B-boy Document
Trust Army ft Che Noir, 38 Spesh & Fred the Godson – Strings of Pain
The Dirty Sample – Lyin’
Merkules – What Means the World
GeneralBackPain x Cuns ft Dee Jay Park – Lavish
Obnoxious ft Gsyn, Ndakut – Illest on the Mic
Good Company ft J Kaine – Reasoning
Midnight Society – Punisher’s Revenge

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Original air date – Thursday August 25, 2022

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Done Wright is off to “Aruba” [Video]

David Wright Jr., aka Done Wright, is a man of many talents. From songwriting to producing and managing his own business, he has shown consistency in whatever he does and gets the much-needed results. Although he was born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, his sound was influenced by Queensbridge icons such as Nas and Mobb Deep. Beyond that, he also grew up on classic R&B and soul which added an extra layer to his style. His latest record “Aruba” is a euphemism for an escapade far away from the craziness of the city and taking time to rest and unwind with all the good things in life. Backed by a dreamy and summer-tinged backdrop, Wright delivers a stylish cadence ripe with vivid and evocative lyricism detailing his perfect getaway spot.

The music video directed by Escobar Entertainment highlights the song’s warmth through its colour pallets and visuals, with Done Wright surrounded by jewels, money, and beauties. Soaking in the good life, Done Wright shows how hard work and pure hustle can take you to incredible heights and access to the finer things in life. Take a trip out of reality and let “Aruba” inspire all your dreams.


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Trust’N & Bkwds Talk Humble Beginnings In New EP, ‘Neverland’

Rising Wisconsin group Trust’N & Bkwds takes us on a magical journey to the well-known Neverland in the release of their new project. The five-song project combines different elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, the artists showcase their versatility from beginning to end. And with the combination of elements with talented producers, like Milian Beats, Era Lake, and NextLane Beats. Over the crafty beats and blends, the duo address touches the topics of humble beginnings, heartbreak, and the lavish lifestyle their hard work has afforded them.

Trust’N & Bkwds on the project’s significance:

“Neverland is important because it brings a unique, self-crafted sound while still delivering musical elements as well as songwriting that meet the industry standard. After working on the project for two years, we are finally ready to share our art with the world. The EP is full of both happy and sad moments, capturing some of the emotions we felt during the pandemic. Coming from where we are from we never get the proper respect for what we’re doing because it’s never been a place for Hip-Hop artists to thrive.”

Entering music in Trust’N & Bkwds, the duo has always bet against the odds coming from an industry-less midwest city. Madison, Wisconsin has had a rough past with promoting hip-hop events, generally frowning upon organized Hip-Hop performances in the city. The latest EP follows the duo’s 2019 chart-topping EP, Lapse

Neverland is available now via Lost Boy Entertainment/Create Music Group.

Feel free to check out #Neverland below.

Ransom Lets Y’all in How “This Life Made Me” (EP Review)

This is the 8th EP from Jersey City wordsmith Ransom. Coming up as 1/2 of the short-lived duo A-Team alongside Hitchcock, he branched out on his own in 2008 following their disbandment beginning with his 2008 full-length debut Street Cinema & the Statik Selektah-produced sophomore effort The Proposal. But it’s been safe to say these last couple years have been his biggest so far whether it be the 5 EPs that he put out produced by Nicholas Craven & his last EP 7 based around the 7 deadly sins or his previous album Heavy’s the Head produced by Big Ghost Ltd., the Rome Streetz collab album Coup de Grâce & more recently his latest album No Rest for the Wicked earlier this spring. But now that fall’s here, Ransom’s enlisting Mayor & Ty Jamz to produce This Life Made Me top to bottom.

“Pain is Glory” is an organ-laced opener declaring himself to be the modern day Michelangelo whereas “Ignorance” works in a boom bap instrumental to talk about talking about being a businessman. “The Prophecy” takes a more triumphant route bragging that he’s the greatest while 38 Spesh tags along for the soulful “Last Gasp” confessing that they wanna see the best sides of them. “The World is Yours” has some cool rock undertones to the beat talking about swerving the law, but then Havoc comes into the picture to bring back the organs for the closer “Purge Night” belittling their opposition.

Ran went on social media last night calling this EP “a warm up for what’s about to come” & whatever that may be, I’m very excited to hear it because this dude is one of the most consistent MCs in all of hip hop today. His lyricism is only getting better as time goes on with Mayor & Ty Jamz managing to cook up some very eclectic production together pulling from boom bap to soul & even rock.

Score: 8/10

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