Allan Franzner’s Controversial Album Who Pays The Price? Offers Groundbreaking Tracks From The Canadian Prospect

The release of Allan Franzner’s album Who Pays The Price? showcases an important collection considering the political state of the world. The musical prowess displayed by Allan has left many listeners wanting more. A sensational album that consists of some of the most outspoken liberal ideologies delivered in an old-school rock rhythm, this record also features Franzner’s addictive and original touch throughout. 

Allan Franzner has a message to the world and it’s clear as day in the album: climate change is real, capitalism is the end of humanity, greed is not the answer and of course stop all wars. The young rockstar takes elements from his favorite music like 90s rock, alternative rock and classic pop songs. His artistic influences stem across the board with names like Kendrick Lamar, Slash, Tyler The Creator, James Hetfield and Stevie Wonder. 

When asked about the process of making his debut album Who Pays The Price?, Allan Franzner said, “I think that there was nothing I needed to do here instead of capturing that. I felt like it was a thing.” 

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Nolan Skye wants to know if it’s “Worth Embracing”

Nolan Skye‘s new single “Worth Embracing” is a heartfelt track that sees him pouring his heart on wax. The track has a smooth r&b aesthetic with its lush textures and punchy drum grooves. Nolan gets candid and pours adulation on the lady who caught his heart and runs through some of their experiences together while pouring his true feelings on wax. He also adds a smooth melodic chorus to the track showcasing his versatility.

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RAHH shares new single “OKAY” and EP

Manchester, UK singer/songwriter RAHH shares a new single “OKAY” which dives into the changing world we live in and reassures us all that maybe, everything will just be ok. Bolstered by a cinematic and atmospheric soundscape made up of lush moody strings, soft percussions, and dreamy sound designs, RAHH delivers a soul-gripping performance with her commanding vocal tone and evocative, soul-lifting songwriting. “OKAY” is a perfect tune that is made to assuage us of our worries at least for the time being.

“OKAY” is a single taken from RAHH’s new EP, I Told You We’d Be Famous’, a 6-track body of work that explores growth, self-realization, and the dynamics of living in an asocial media-crazed world.

Speaking about the new EP, she said, “I Told You We’d Be Famous came from a lot of unrest and realization as a twentysomething rocking up in an adult world that looked a lot different to the one I’d been sold. In a culture of ever growing social networks, mindless distractions, and love that doesn’t text back, finding ways to numb the feeling of anxiety and heartache sometimes is the thing that brings us together. The EP is the soundtrack to those reckless nights and the longing for connection.”

Coinciding with the release of ‘I Told You We’d Be Famous’, RAHH has also announced a new sustainable clothing line ‘Overkill Apparel, with a mission to find newer and more reliable sources without compromising on quality.


I Told You We’d Be Famous EP Tracklist:

1. Weave my Web

2. Run The Lights

3. Good Tonight


5. Home

6. Touch Me

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Sugi Dakks goes against the norm in “Normal Sucks”

Eclectic artist Sugi Dakks pushes the envelope in his new song “Normal Sucks” which strays from the usual with its off-kilter experimental production and bravado raps that detail the theme exceptionally. The production is vibrant, cinematic, and blends dark synths with hard-hitting trap drums. Sugi Dakks is in his element too and shows us why he rather goes against the norm and implores the weirdoes and non-conformist to embrace themselves.


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Emmitt Dupree shares “Hours Make Ours” (Emmitt Dupree Cover) [Video]

Arizona songwriter/rapper Emmitt Dupree gets into his melodic bag in his new release titled “Hours Make Ours”. The track is bolstered by lush guitar plucks, smooth alluring textures which form the perfect backdrop for Emmitt’s engulfing melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics.


The visual is filmed by Daniel Jordan K and captures Emmitt’s performance style.


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Virginia Vets Empuls And Krohme Unite For “By Love Or By Force” EP

Krohme has been on a mean run as of late releasing a string of dope singles, EPs, and albums. For his latest release he has teamed with fellow VA OG Empuls for a 5-song EP titled “By Love Or By Force,” which they pulled together in just four days. This is that timely “message music” AmeriKKKa needs right now. Features include SageInfinite, Bless Picasso, Sleep Sinatra, Mental Da God, Jeck Da General, and Merkabah.

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Listen to Jaden Castro’s new single “Clouds”

Hartford Connecticut-based rapper Jaden Castro is working on his new full-length project and in the interim, he shares the single “Clouds” which details his trajectory to the apex. Over an engulfing and cinematic soundscape, he runs through his journey as an artist trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world. He employs a double-time flow to deliver his story that weaves through the ups, downs, and good and bad times all of which have helped shape him as a person.

“Clouds” is the second single from Jaden Castro’s upcoming album project called Voyager Eternal, which will be released through the Danish indie-label Blikflak.

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Ev Malone details his “The Journey”

Pittsburgh emcee Ev Malone‘s latest single “The Journey” is a reflective and introspective piece that explores the path he has taken as an artist. Bolstered by the somber and moody backdrop, he runs through his own mistakes and the various experiences that helped shape him into what he is now and hopes to send a positive message to everyone who might be going through the same thing.

Stream “The Journey” on all DSPs here.

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Devon Brent Teams Up With Producer Shadoe on ‘Shattered Dreams’ EP

by Ace Woe

Devon Brent has come a long way from his ‘Codeine Martin’ days. So far, in fact, that nearly 90 original tracks have been pulled from streaming platforms, just so Brent could rebrand under his given name; a move reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar ditching his ‘’ moniker and re-introducing himself to the world of hip-hop.

I’m moving on from my bender days, so, part of that maturity is dropping the old moniker. I got too lost in the artist personality; started using way too many drugs. It’s back to sobriety now. I want to place my focus on more of who I really am.”

Devon was born December 1995 in Pretoria, South Africa, due to his parents’ particular career paths—a topic he opted not to broach for privacy. They moved to Egypt when he was three and lived there for five years before settling in Bethesda, Maryland, where he continued hopping from school to school before eventually dropping out of Montgomery County Community College. 

This trajectory was largely affected by a genetic condition called ‘Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’ (EDS) as well as health complications that stem from multiple head injuries sustained throughout his youth, the earliest of which occurred back in South Africa at age three. While playing ‘Indiana Jones’ with his brother and cousin, he got caught under a closing garage door which left a dent in the back of his head. Despite all of this, he would go on to live a fairly normal childhood, playing pop warner football up until he was 14 years old. Once he was no longer able to exercise regularly, however, he began gaining weight, going from 160 to 280 lbs over a span of five years before graduating in 2015. By the end of his first semester of college, all the injuries and physical trauma had caught up with him. He was in constant pain and unable to continue his academic career; but, luckily, he had discovered music and comedy.

This newfound freedom coincided with an emerging appreciation for freestyling and stand-up—two skillsets at which Devon found himself to be quite adept. Stand-up comedy became his only form of exercise; comedy clubs were his gym. And, especially since making music did not require too much mobility, he dove into music production as a means to combat depression and hopefully build a catalog worthy of note. This led to the aforementioned ‘Codeine Martin’ days. 

Between 2017 and 2018, Brent would undergo a sort of transformation. With Dean Martin as his archetype, and codeine as his fuel, he began formulating the alter ego of his own undoing and a discography that would later be destroyed. Much like Slim Shady, ‘Codeine Martin’ was a brash, no-holds-barred, never-ask-for-forgiveness, verbal catastrophe. But by 2019, much like Marshal Mathers, he had resolved to quit using drugs or else face imminent consequences. He was subsequently forced to take a hiatus from stand-up comedy, but continued using the Martin moniker for three more years. 

During this timeframe, Brent experienced his most profound artistic breakthroughs, teaming with multi-talented producer Shadoe and streamlining tracks. The first of which, titled “Trained to Go,” was part of an August 2020 self-titled side project, Trapgawdz, alongside LIZZARDBRAIN. This was followed by July 2021’s Shattered Dreams EP, a four-song foray into psychedelic trap-hop which leaves the listener wondering about the possibility of a Shattered Dreams LP (Brent says “No… but then again you never know. Never say never…”) Either way, it’s on to bigger and better things for Devon Brent, Shadoe, and their legions of misfits, both real and imagined.

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Breez pays homage to “Leo (DiCaprio)”

Breez is a rapper from Newport News, VA whose new single “Leo (DiCaprio)” is a lyric-dense piece that blends smooth flows, and excellent wordplay with references to DiCaprio’s entire filmography over a punchy boom-bap backdrop provided by Pro Knows Music. Breez is more than adept with the pen and delivers the goods with his laidback flow and throws in a catchy hook for good measure.

Stream “Leo (DiCaprio)” on YouTube (Lyric Video) and All Streaming Platforms

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