Fatlip Returns Out of “Torpor” on Long-Awaited Sophomore Effort (Album Review)

Fatlip is a 53 year old MC from Los Angeles, California who came up in the late 80s as a member of The Pharcyde. He eventually branched out with a solo debut of his own The Loneliest Punk the day after Halloween in 2005 & now coming fresh off his recent collab album with Blu this past spring called Live From the End of the World, he’s enlisting Sccit & Siavash the Grouch to produce a majority of his long-awaited sophomore album right here.

After the titular intro, M.O 99 & & RBX tag along for the first song “Wake Up” to jump on top of a funky beat talking about how partying so much to the point where they couldn’t get out of bed whereas “February” takes a more acoustic route getting on a more conscious tip lyrically. Sccit comes into the picture for the trap-laced “Energy” talking about being built to last & after the “Message #1” skit, “Dust in the Wind” dives into more jazzier territory thanks to Chris “The Glove” Taylor with Krayzie Bone joining Lip spitting some life shit.

“My Bad” by The Pharcyde goes into cloudier turf confessing that frustration got them going blind & after the “Message #2” skit, Sccit & Krazyie return for “The Way” to explain how it’s supposed to be over an upbeat instrumental. “DC” brings back the synthesizers talking about still being free & after the final “Message” skit, The Pharcyde returns for the wavy penultimate track “30 Minutes Late” confessing being a half hour late for rehearsal. “Fulla Flava” though is a rich closer talking about never being a fake mobster.

Now I know The Pharcyde has been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their iconic debut Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde throughout 2022 & hopefully the trio puts out a new album through Rhymesayers Entertainment in the near future but if you enjoyed The Loneliest Punk like I did, then you’re gonna want to check out Torpor. Lip sounds recharged on the mic after his 17-year break from the spotlight & the production throughout is impressively slick.

Score: 7/10

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Pretty Bulli pays “Homage” in new single [Video]

It’s always a good day to share some new record from rising lyricist Pretty Bulli and this time she pays homage to the legendary femcees who laid the foundation for her to rock on. Bolstered by the bouncy backdrop provided by Kidd Called Quest who flips the same sample from MC Lyte‘s “Paper Thin”, Pretty Bulli shares how hiphop influenced her from a very young age and how it informed her personality till today. She packs a punch as expected and delivers vivid lyricism laced with wit, and punchlines and of course, she gave props to the forebearers who inspired her craft.


“Homage” is a new single available via Spotify and Bandcamp.

Keep up with Pretty Bulli   | Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Twitter: Instagram

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WOLFMAN JECKYLL , Robust the Rezinated and The Nerds are the “Arch Villains” (prod. by The Nerds)

Providence, RI born and raised Emcee/Producer, Lyricist WOLFMAN JECKYLL teams up with fellow emcee Robust the Rezinated and Greek production team The Nerds for this lyric-dense single titled “Arch Villains”. The production is punchy, hard-hitting and well crafted for the emcees to do what they know best as they proceed with verbal body blows witty lines and punchlines.

“Arch Villains” is the lead single from the forthcoming collaboration between WOLFMAN JECKYLL and The Nerds entitled Wolfman Jeckyll Meets The Nerds.


Stream “Arch Villains” on All Streaming Platforms.

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Scream Geronimo and Bless 1 prepare the “Closing Act”

Virginia-based rapper Scream Geronimo makes his entry on our site with his new single “Closing Act” which sees him teaming up with Chicago’s own Bless 1 who laces him with a dreamy and atmospheric backdrop to paint vivid pictures with the pen. Scream sure knows the assignment and pens a reflective tale of a dreamer who is lost in the cycle of the rat race but has his mind set on something beyond the mundane. Simply put, this song is for those focused on the mission in the midst of the chaos and distractions of today’s world.



Stream “Closing Act” on all DSPs here.

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Jino shares heartfelt single titled “Sunny”

German artist Jino makes his entry on our site with  “Sunny”, a heartfelt adulation-filled track inspired by his girlfriend. The production is solemn and nostalgic and sure fits the theme perfectly. Jino delivers a solid performance with his distinct commanding and laidback vocals.

Stream “Sunny” on all DSPs here.

Keep up with Jino | Soundcloud: Spotify: Instagram

Miya Guggs shares new single “Some Day” feat. Anthony Hamilton

Miya Guggs started off as an athlete and basketball player at Kansas City Community College but later proceeded to pursue music and hasn’t looked back since. Using the discipline and skills she learned on the court, she has put all her strength into her independent music career and currently preparing to drop an upcoming EP titled Patterns. In the meantime, she shares her new single “Some Day” featuring Grammy Award-Winner Anthony Hamilton.

Backed by a smooth and bouncy backdrop, she delivers a soothing melodic performance ripe with heartfelt and insightful songwriting that focuses on what true love may be. Anthony comes through with his characteristic vocal runs and acts as her lead man giving a counterbalance to the love tale.

Stream “Some Day” on Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, YouTube.

Her EP will contain a mix of her existing catalogue and new tracks that highlight the negative patterns seen in unhealthy relationships.

Keep up with Miya Guggs | Soundcloud: Website : Facebook: Instagram

Virgø rises to the “Sky”

Honolulu, Hawai’i-based rapper Virgø returns to our pages with “Sky”, a hard-hitting trap banger that showcases his somewhat offbeat flow and vivid lyricism. Over the bass-heavy and haunting backdrop, he gets into his element and reminds us that he is not joking around. He is also joined by fellow emcee Loo Will who drops his own 2 cents on the track with a fiery performance.


Keep up with Virgø | Spotify: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram

Milano Constantine & Big Ghost Ltd. Demand You ”Pay the Ghost” (Album Review)

This is the 5th full-length album from New York veteran Milano Constantine. Coming up in the early 2000s as a D.I.T.C. affiliate, it wouldn’t be until 2008 when he dropped his debut Sidewalk Stories & returned in 2015 with his debut mixtape The Believers. This was followed up with the Drum Majors-produced sophomore album The Way We Were along with the Oh Jay-produced Attache Case & the Showbiz-produced Boulevard Author, which is some of his best work in my opinion. However, I did enjoy his 2nd EP Eating But Still Hungry quite a bit when it came out a year & a half ago. So when it was announced that the revered underground producer Big Ghost Ltd. was hopping behind the boards for Pay the Ghost following up Milano’s last EP Block Work, anticipation going into it was very high for me personally.

“Church Service” is a bout of an uncanny way to start off the album lettin’ y’all know where you can see ‘em servin’ whereas “Target Practice” sonically feels like something out of a horror flick with Milano talking about painting the whole town red. The title track takes a more cinematic route saying that’s exactly what you gotta do sometimes, but then “Judge Mathis” itself is a piano/boom bap hybrid delivering some grimy criminology rap.

Continuing from there with “Parmigiano”, we have Crimeapple tagging along with Milano on top of some synthesizers & similar drums to the previous cut boasting their skills leading into the futuristic yet raw “Ghost Photo” getting on his gully shit lyrically. “Firewater” returns to the boom bap comparing his dialogue to such while the song “Lose You” dives into soulful turf with it’s sample along with some incredible wordplay referencing the likes of Sam Cooke & Al Green.

The penultimate track “Apex Predator” blends some pianos & synths bragging that he’s on the top of the food chain while Daniel Son & Rigz both come into the picture for “Mental Health”, which is a rugged closer to the album from the rugged beat to the vivid lyricism that all 3 MCs on the mic each have to offer individually.

Compared to the 2 EPs that Milano put out last year, Pay the Ghost is the best thing he’s put out in the 2020s thus far & a new favorite of mine in his ever-growing discography. Lyrically, the murals that Milano describes are extremely intricate & I really admire how Big Ghost decided to pull from both horror & 70s/80s sci-fi movies as far as production goes.

Score: 8/10

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