Tha God Fahim Dumps Incredible 3-Track EP “Dark Shogunn Assassin” Produced by Camoflauge Monk (EP Review)

This is the 39th EP from from Atlanta emcee/producer Tha God Fahim. Coming up as an affiliate of Griselda Records alongside Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog, he’s also built up an incredibly vast discography with a couple of standouts being Breaking Through tha Van Allen Belts & Dump Assassins. Now the last time I covered Fahim’s work was when he dropped his 19th full-length album 6 Ring Champ & the final installment of the Shot Clock King trilogy of EPs produced by Nicholas Craven shortly after last spring, but is reuniting with Griselda in-house producer Camoflauge Monk to drop Dark Shogunn Assassin following the NicoJP-produced Chess Moves only a few days prior.

“Gristle” is a jazzy boom bap opener with Fahim rapping about how the dumpin’ won’t stop until he says as well as bringing the pain similar to that of Method Man & asking who the boogeyman of this rap shit really is. Estee Nack of the Tragic Allies also happens to pop up during the 2nd half of the song to lay down the EP’s only guest verse & he absolutely obliterates it, raising my expectations for Nacksaw Jim Duggan even higher than it already was when Westside Gunn announced it on Twitter a month ago already. The penultimate track “Sword n Shields” blends some kicks & snares with these low-register synthesizers so he can treat his pen like a blade moonwalking over MCs as if the late King of Pop himself Michael Jackson came back from the dead & advising that you can lead a horse to the pond, but can’t make them drink. “Never Back Down” finishes it all off on a more mellow note with Fahim talking about being up for any challenge that’s brought to him & coming up from the struggle.

Blvk Pearl, it’s sequel, Iron MonkeyIron Monkey: Dump Olympics & Only God Can Judge Me are all essential Fahim projects in my book so my expectations going into this EP were significantly higher than Chess Pieces as a result of that. Needless to say, they did it again with Dark Shogunn Assassin. Yeah it’s only 3 tracks running at 9 minutes, but don’t let that scare you from thinking that Camoflauge Monk’s raw production & Fahim’s elevated lyricism make it more than worth your while because they really never miss whenever they join forces.

Score: 8/10

Gibby Stites Gives His Flowers to the West Coast on His 5th Mixtape “The iLLMIXES 2”

January 22, 2023

iLLViLLE, New Jersey emcee/producer Gibby Stites just dropped his 4th mixtape The iLLMiXES about 3 weeks ago & is now following it up with a sequel paying homage to the West Coast if you can’t tell by the artwork mirroring Dr. Dre’s iconic solo debut The Chronic or the fact that this new tape finds him kicking it over some of his favorite West Coast beats ranging from “Deep Cover” and “Gin & Juice” to even remastering his cover of blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again?” that he initially put out after signing to Majik Ninja Entertainment a couple years back & getting Stir Crazy to remix it as well.

Corio (YNL Capone) Drops Visual Thriller For “Don’t Run”


Love takes an unexpecting turn for the uprising Kentucky rap star Corio, formerly YNL Capone, that sees his resiliently pursuing his distancing love interest in the cinematic new visual for “Don’t Run.” While the Brandon Lopez-directed visual tell one story, the lyrics tell another as Corio details the struggles of the relationship. We see him chase the love of his life physically and metaphorically through confession.

“Things I did in the dark came to light,” says Corio. “I had let my demons as well as life problems put us both in pain and I can tell she wants to run, but I can’t let her go because I love her. At this point my relationship is a wreck. The only way I could talk about it was to make it art. Maxx B started playing the guitar and the first take was the one I recorded to. The whole session took maybe an hour. Honesty and pain makes writing easy.”

The Lexington native releases “Don’t Run” after catching widespread attention with the previously released hit “Phone Off.” And with his recent boost in popularity, “Don’t Run” marks the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the rising star as he delivers his arguably best work yet. The end of the visual speaks volumes. “Don’t Run” and “Phone Off” are available across all streaming platforms via own imprint.

Take a look at “Don’t Run” below, and afterward, follow the new artist on social media for daily updates.

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Emilio Rojas Preps BP2 With “Okay Okay” Visual


Emilio Rojas encourages the valet to go for a joy ride and enjoy life while he hits the private skies in the new visual for “Okay Okay.” Directed by Jonathan Felix, Rojas narrates the fast life that comes with manifesting the finer things in life while your boots are strapped to the ground and punching in that clock with lyrics that detail his spending habits. Flossing, Rojas raps, “My car guy just asked to hold a few thou / And I just got a new house because my old block was too loud / I might still pay that mortgage it aint worth the time to move out.”

“Okay Okay” is the third release from Rojas following “Green Cards” and “Creep With Me” from the forthcoming sequel album, Breaking Point 2. The upcoming album will be the follow-up to the artist’s 2012 original hosted by the legendary DJ Green Lantern and presented by Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand. To stay up to date on everything Emilio Rojas and the upcoming album, follow him daily on social media.

Watch the “Okay Okay” visual below and stream it everywhere via Breaking Point Music Group.

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Tyler Loyal Shows Bright Future In New Single “Back In Dat Mode”


AWAL’s new sensation Tyler Loyal returns to his old ways on the new single titled “Back In Dat Mode.” The highly energetic track produced by Sonni showcases the Boston native’s superior skillset, rowdy nature, and promising star power that will make him one of the hottest new acts of the year. For Loyal, the track reflects on the lowest part of his life, yet continues to pursue his dream.

“I’ve been at my lowest, living off Cup Noodles and cold-cut sandwiches,” said Tyler about the song’s message. “I’ve also been in the presence of financial freedom. Both experiences brought me to the same conclusion, I need to get rich. I made a promise to myself at 8 years old that I would be the one in my family to break the barrier and every day I live on this earth I’m trying to get myself closer to that end goal. This song is for the hustlers. It’s what it feels like to be fed up with your current state, get up and get to the bag.”

“Back In Dat Mode” follows Loyal’s impressive 2022, including the release of a trio of new songs like “Far From Jamaica,” “Still Mine,” and “Fallin’ Off.” Loyal’s latest release prepares us for an expected forthcoming project, which will eagerly arrive in 2023. More as this story develops…

“Back In Dat Mode” is available everywhere on So Rebel/AWAL.

Stream “Back In Dat Mode” below, and follow Tyler Loyal on social media for up-to-the-minute news and updates.

Jus-P Premieres Anticipated New Album “Black Canvas”

January 20, 2023

Queens, NY based emcee Jus-P has consistently dropped music over the past decade that has kept underground Hip Hop fans full and satisfied. Today he premiers his new highly anticipated new album “Black Canvas” featuring production from Dirty Diggs, G.S. Advance, Skinny Bonez Da Godfather with guest appearances by Rim Da Villain, Killa KaliJon Murdock of The Lost Children of Babylon, G.S. Advance and more.

Bobby J from Rockaway Releases His 2nd EP “Radio Days” Produced by Nef, First Solo Effort in 3 Years (EP Review)

This is the 2nd EP from Queens emcee Bobby J from Rockaway. Coming up as a protege of Kwamé, he would begin to turn heads in the underground during the summer of 2019 off the strength of his full-length debut Summer Classics along with his Statik Selektah produced debut EP Endless Summer, the latter being my introduction to his music along with 1 Mic & a Drum’s eponymous EP. Bobby then joined forces with Detroit veteran Hush to drop the collab album 718 II 313 last summer, of which they had the honor of playing 80% of to me at a studio a year prior. But just about 6 months later, he’s enlisting NYC producer Nef behind the boards to drop Radio Days.

After the intro, the first song “From the Jump” with J57 finds the 2 over a triumphant boom bap instrumental describing their plot to expand prior to Street Smartz & Wais P assisting Bobby on the soulful “Leaving” declaring that they’re never putting down the mics. “Something Like” is a rap rock/boom bap hybrid paying tribute to all the b-boys out there just before “Mind, Body & Soul” comes through with a more mellow sound as Bobby & Michael Fiya talk about feeling the vibes. “1 Love” brings back the soul for the ladies while the 7182313 interlude reunites with Hush to show off their chemistry over a trunk knocking beat. The penultimate track “Fade Away” mixes a crooning sample with some keys & a country guitar talking about what’s gonna happen when the flame burns out while “The Hangover” is a bluesy closer detailing having too much to drink the night before.

Endless Summer still stands as my favorite EP that Bobby has ever done but to have Radio Days be his first solo effort in 3 years, I’ll still take it. Nef’s production is some of his most interesting to date as the sounds I don’t think I’ve ever heard Bobby experiment with in the past, but that’s what makes it exciting because it tells me that he’s continuing to grow as an artist. If this is only a precursor to a sophomore album, then it could very well end up being his best.

Score: 7/10

Paydroo Releases “Fair Exchange” Music Video


PG County’s Paydroo has been on a lyrical rampage lately as he ascends to mainstream stature. Now, he seizes the moment in the spotlight with the release of the new visual for the latest single, “Fair Exchange.” Directed by Richy Guzman, the visual stars, the rising emcee maneuvering around public transportation while he recites tricky rhymes about the hustle like, “Outta the youngn’s getting too it I was the first one, move smart I’m my momma’s first and only son.”

The song was inspired by the daily grit and grind that everyday joes endured on the paper chase.

“I gained inspiration to write this song as soon as Gr4ff sent it. Oftentimes my concepts come from the way the instrumentals are titled upon receiving them,” reveals Paydroo in a press statement.

“Fair Exchange” follows Paydroo’s 2021 EP, Product Of My Environment 2. The new single is the preview to the new artist’s forthcoming fifth as-yet-titled album in the works and is expected for a 2023 release on his own imprint. “Fair Exchange” is the perfect origin point to hop on the Paydroo bandwagon.

Take a look at “Fair Exchange” below, and afterward, follow Paydroo on social media.

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