Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott Embrace Summer Vibes With New Video “Awesome Environment”

In their slick new video for “Awesome Environment,” Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott embrace the sunny, laidback summer vibes that inspired their collaborative album, “River Rats“, and provide a guided tour of some of Pittsburgh’s river banks. What may not look like much to the every-day viewer was a true source of inspiration, meditation, and comfort for the duo, who would meet up during the summer of 2020 for riverside hangs that served as an escape from the harsh realities of the world. The track serves as a welcome reminder that sometimes your best bet for sanity is to head outside and enjoy your surroundings. 

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred DSP to stream through your preferred platform. The album is also available on cassette in limited quantities vai Soul Slime Records’ Bandcamp profile. 

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Big Blanco ft. Ricco Barrino – “It’s Still So Hard” (Official Video)

Every artist — especially from the East Coast — in today’s hip-hop credits traces of their style is inspired by the signature look, appeal, and rhymes of the late-Notorious B.I.G. and Big Pun. Michael Cruz, better known as the fast-rising recording artist Big Blanco, is no exception as he pays homage to the Bronx icon (Big Pun) in the release of his new single and music video, “It’s Still So Hard.” Produced by Legion of Muzik, featuring Ricco Barrino, Big Blanco hits the yacht in the Florida sunshine rocking the VVS, to rap about the valuable lessons learned from the late-Puerto Rican icon and what he has planned the game.

As Ricco sings the catchy hook with infectious vocals, Big Blanco is surrounded by beautiful women and pockets full of cash, living the big boss lifestyle under the palm trees. Blanco is sharp, braggadocious, and confident in the lyrics that are radio-friendly and destined to reach the top of the charts in no time at all. Rest-in-peace to Big Pun.

“ISSH” comes on the heels of Blanco’s latest project, Blanco’s Way The Takeover: Reloaded, which dropped last April on his own imprint. Along with the new single, the project features 14 new songs with guest appearances by T-Rell and SeQuence Clark. As the new single begins to buzz, Blanco is currently in album mode, preparing the follow-up which is slated for late 2022. Until then, Big Blanco promises more new music for the summertime heat.

For newfound fans, “It’s Still So Hard” is the perfect origin point to begin deep-diving into everything Big Blanco and what he has in store for the mainstream landscape with his large persona. For daily updates, you may follow the emerging star on social media.

Check out the music video for “It’s Still So Hard” below, and afterward, stream the new track and other Big Blanco hits, available now on all digital streaming platforms.

savesomeone is tired of “waitin’”

The emerging rapper who goes by the moniker savesomeone makes his entry on our site with this unapologetic and hard-hitting single titled “waitin’”. Over a choppy and gritty backdrop, he pours his frustrations on wax as he dwells on being tired of waiting for his breakout moment. His flows are animated and energetic and each line is punctuated with emotions as well.

Stream “waitin’” on SoundCloudApple MusicYouTubeDeezerTikTok.

Keep up with savesomeone   | TikTok: SoundCloud : Instagram 

Top submissions EP4 June 2022

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ecdubble – “Falling Starz”


Ecdubble caught our ears with “Falling Starz”, a heartfelt track that details his journey in this thing called life. Over a laidback and somber piano-driven backdrop he shows us his growth and self-awareness gained from the myriad of things he experienced.


Graphinity – “TUNDRA”

Graphinity‘s “TUNDRA” is a reflective and somber tune that displays his lyrical skill that details the journey of a man trying to find his footing in this crazy world. “TUNDRA” is the first track on his latest album, ANGELS IN THE MUD.



Ha$h – “Livin”

“Livin” is a heartfelt song by Ha$h that depicts the struggles of an earlier life but progressively changing into a better and wiser man. From living on the streets and doing what he has to do to finding the light and moving from the dark past, he gives listeners a dual tale of a man who changes for the better.



TRLG x Orion Vincent – “Adolescence” (feat. Orion Vincent)

Canadian emcee TRLG teams up with Vancouver BC artist Orion Vincent for this heartfelt reflective track titled “Adolescence”. Over a somber and soothing soundscape made up of moody strings, and warm basslines, she shares a story of how life changes friends as they grow up. From the ones who moved on to those who are stuck in the past, she gives listeners a peek into the dynamics of change while reminiscing on the good old days when we had no care in the world.
“Adolescence” is the 2nd song off TRLG’s recently released EP Homecoming.



TJ4Play – “The Master”

TJ4Play drops a new single “The Master” which details some real events in African-American history. The track comes on the Juneteenth to serve as a reminder of the troubled history and the need for black folks to rise above the dark past to reach true freedom.



Ramon Binns – “Nine to Five”

Ramon Binns’ “Nine to Five” is a reflective tune that breaks down the ups and downs of working a regular job. From the stressful hours, discrimination, and more, he gives listeners an honest and nuanced view of life behind the desk.



Aaron Alexander x Lnrd Dstroy – “Chess at the Park”


Kansas City-based rapper Aaron Alexander teams up with Lnrd Dstroy for “Chess at the Park”. An adulation-filled track that pays tribute to black women of the past such as Pam Grier and Ertha Kitt. The lyrics are candid and touch on the beautiful attributes of black women.



Burn Beno – “Lost Soul”

Emerging emcee Burn Beno makes his entry on our site with “Lost Soul”. The somber track sees him reflecting on his life as a whole. From the naysayers and detractors bogging him down and being caught up with the various vices of the world, he wades through it all with his own determination and willpower.



Leland Philpot – “Back Up In The Kitchen – The 2022 Remaster”

Leland Philpot is back in the lab with a 2022 remaster of his song “Back Up In The Kitchen”. The upbeat energetic track is a display of his stylish flow and fiery style.



KOF – “Greatness”

UK rapper KOF shares his new single “Greatness” a soulful and introspective piece that dives into the deep consciousness of his mind. Over the drumless ethereal soundscape provided by Reuel Williams’s production, he pens an evocative piece that listeners can relate to.



Wes Linden – “Toe the Line”

Wes Linden‘s new single “Toe the Line” is an upbeat anthemic jam that blends sports references with a go-getter mindset. He drops a plethora of aspirational bars that aims to get listeners ready and in the zone for the day ahead




The Rocky Mountain-based rap group SUBROK CARTEL ( made up of Gentry Fox, T00M3R, & Cani The God) return with a new single titled “Dream”. The track has a somber lofi vibe and punchy drums that works perfectly with their uniquely different rap styles. This is the 3rd official single from the group.



Strixx – “Heaven to earth”

Emerging rapper Strixx pours his heart out on wax in this reflective tune titled “Heaven to earth”. Over the piano-laden bass-heavy backdrop, he talks about his inner resilience amidst a personal loss that affected him greatly.



Top Ramiin x Alex Ced – “Mixed Signals” (feat. REG BLK)

Tampa, Florida rapper Top Ramiin teams up with Alex Ced and REG BLK for this r&b infused jam titled “Mixed Signals”. As the title suggests, it dwells on the mind games some women play and how frustrating it can be. Top is however in his A-game and makes his move like a true G. He is joined by REG BLK and Alex Ced who add their own experiences into the mix.



Beatspeare – “iDK”

Beatspeare’s “iDK” is a showcase of lyrics over solid beats. Backed by the somber and reflective backdrop that he produced himself, he reflects on his journey as an artist, from fake friends, doubters, and believing in himself, he gives listeners a short glimpse into his life.



DJB – “Spill”

DJB gets in that audio “Spill” in his new effort The beat used here has a classic hard-hitting boom-bap punch and the lyrics are sharp as ever. He delivers an unfiltered and unapologetic performance with witty bars and engaging rhyme schemes.



Willis – “Need Somebody”

rapper/songwriter Willis shares “Need Somebody” a reflective tune that aims to uplift us in these crazy times we live in. Over a drumless somber backdrop that rises to a plateau, he delivers a profound and evocative performance that explores the concept of needing somebody when we are in times of need.



VerseBorn – “Belly Of The Beast”

VerseBorn makes his entry on our list this week with “Belly Of The Beast”, a thoughtful jam that doubles as an open letter to the younger generation warning them of the numerous pitfalls of the over-glorified street life.



M3RCII – “A Rapper’s Pride”

M3RCII embodies the spirit of a champion in his new single “A Rapper’s Pride” where he proclaims the mantle of being the best emcee out here. Over a sparse and punchy soundscape, he delivers a commanding and no holds barred performance.



Len Bowen – “Black Hearts”

Winnipeg, Canada-based rapper Len Bowen is not new to TWIB, and in his new effort titled “Black Hearts”. He makes use of a somber and moody backdrop to drop more than a handful of gems for those who care to listen. from his humble beginnings to the ups and downs, he has been through it all and reminds us that he is still in it to win it.
Len is a founding member of the Western Canadian Music Award nominated hip hop collective Shadez.



Eddie Mayhem – “Same 24” (feat. Pound Banga)

Eddie Mayhem‘s “Same 24” is the perfect hustler anthem that talks about getting on one’s job and pursuing the goals regardless of the obstacles laid ahead. The track features rapper Pound Banga who adds his own cents imploring us that it’s better to find a way than to find excuses. The two effortlessly glide on the vibey instrumental crafted by Burgzdidit.



Mickey DAZE – “shook ones ‘22”

Mickey DAZE pays homage to the classic Mobb Deep song “shook ones pt 2” and flips it into his own entitled “shook ones ‘22”. Over a drumless soulful vocal sample-driven backdrop provided by emerging producer Sypooda, he delivers a vivid performance ripe with bravado-driven lyrics.



Prince Angelus – “Love Goes”

Indie rapper Prince Angelus makes use of the classic Janet Jackson song and flips it into his own titled “Love Goes”. Over the bouncy soulful backdrop, he spews a tale of a couple and how domestic violence ruined the once fairy tale. From financial troubles and alcoholism to physical abuse, the story really progresses into a sad one and also talks about the different upbringing of both parties.



TL Grace – “Cry Slow”

TL Grace brings a retrospective vibe in his song “Cry Slow” which sees him talk candidly about depression and its deep effects. From a male perspective, he pours his heart out and shows us how depression can affect one’s life and masculinity in many ways and he calls out for help hoping for someone to rescue him. The track is quite heartfelt and reflective.



Areej – “Hostage”

Emerging West London-born, Moroccan-Sudanese singer/songwriter Areej shares the song “Hostage” taken from her debut EP G.B.O.F. ( Guided By Our Fears). The mellow love ballad dwells on the concept of being drowned by love in a hostage situation in which one finds it out to get out. Over soft keys, airy horns, and moody basslines, she pours her heart out on wax with ease and gives a soul-stirring performance from start to finish.



Fable – “Onion Brain”

Eclectic UK artist Fable shares her new single “Onion Brain” from her upcoming debut album Shame, due on 29th July. The somber tune is made up of hushed, melancholic piano riffs and moody strings with soft drums which allow her sultry vocals to take precedence. she dwells on the concept of loss and suffering and delivers an evocative piece that digs deep in the soul.



Kid Craze – “Don’t Feel Good”

UK emcee Kid Craze makes his entry on our list with “Don’t Feel Good”, a somber song that dwells on the delicate issue of mental health, depression, and self-doubt. He talks about it candidly and reminds us that we might not be all alone as he can relate to it and implores us not to be afraid to express our true emotions.



La from treemix ent – “No friends”

“No friends” is a heartfelt track from emerging Cleveland Ohio rapper La from treemix ent . Over a somber piano riff and punchy drums, he dwells on personal loss and the emotions that come after it. He reminisces on the good times and how the loss messed him up emotionally and mentally.

MoneySign Hines dives deep into “The Script.” [Video]

MoneySign Hines  comes through as the black James Bond in the visual for his single “The Script.” The cinematic and moody track sees him going through the ups and downs as he journeys through the tough terrain called life. His lyrics are vivid and digs deep into personal topics from self-doubt, will power and determination. Overall, the record aims to remind listeners that achieving one’s goals depends on how bad you want it for yourself.

The visuals have a straightforward approach and capture the Bronx bred emcee in his element.

Stream “The Script.” on Apple Music.

Keep up with  MoneySign Hines | : Instagram

Osaka, Japan Based Producer Nickelman Releases “BeatsGrocery” Instrumental Album

Yuki Kitano, better known as Nickelman, is a beatmaker/producer residing in his vibrant hometown of Osaka, Japan. Although Yuki has been making music as Nickelman for over 15 years, it is only within the last decade that he has created his signature sound, a dusty, warm, lofi, blend of vintage synths, layered with hazy drum kicks.

Nickelman releases his newest self produced album titled ‘BeatsGrocery‘ today via URBNET. The twelve track record is a dreamy blend of instrumental hip hop fused with elements of soul, jazz, and rare groove. Using an MPC2000XL, SP-303, and Tape Echo, Nickelman recorded the album onto a cassette tape, to achieve a lush warmth that carries through each track.

‘BeatsGroccery’ is the quintessential head nodding soundtrack for hot and humid city nights of summer 2022.

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Primitive takes us into the “Sydney Highway”

Australian rapper Primitive shares his new single “Sydney Highway” which sees him collaborating with Olly Stern and Claire Ertansel. The laidback summer-tinged tune is made up of solemn, reflective strings, lush guitar riffs, and a smooth drum groove that blends with his vivid lyrics about savoring each moment in life. Olly comes through with his off-kilter melodic runs while Ertansel adds her angelic harmonies that underpin the track and give sit that extra soulful touch.

By way of the Gold Coast in Queensland to N.S.W, Peter Sandercock, or ‘Primitive’ as he’s respectively known in Sydney’s vibrant rap scene has gained fast success over the relatively short period he’s been active as an Aussie hip-hop artist.

Keep up with Primitive | Website: Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram

Super Villain is back with “Just Another”

Hardworking rapper/producer Super Villain comes through with “Just Another“, a loose track that showcase his unique production style and no holds barred rapping. The track maes use of a short guitar riff, warm textures and smacking drums. 


Stream “Just Another”on YouTube, Apple MusicDeezer,  InstagramTikTok

Keep up with  Super Villain| Apple Music: TikTok: website: : Twitter: Instagram

Carl C Beats and XavierRoy dwell on “DREAMS”

Carl C Beats teams up with UK rapper  XavierRoy for a mellow reflective tune titled “DREAMS”. The track has a somber ethereal texture and soft drums that blend with XavierRoy’s impassioned rap verses and sultry melodic hooks. The rapper muss on the ways he can achieve his dreams amidst the craziness around him.

“DREAMS” is the third collaboration between Carl C Beats and XavierRoy.

Keep up with Carl C Beats | Soundcloud: Spotify: Instagram

Keep up with XavierRoy |  TikTok: Instagram