Top submissions EP3 July 2021

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Tom Hodson – “Get Yours” (feat. Juga-Naut & Jayahadadream)


Tom Hodson‘s newest release “Get Yours” sees him teaming up with rappers Juga-Naut and Jayahadadream. Over a sublime and atmospheric backdrop, the duo showcases their never-say-die attitude in the midst of the chaos and hurdles lid around them.



Mr. Risto Flow – “Dreams (Next) “Feat. Rockie Fresh


Mr. Risto Flow teams up with Rockie Fresh on “Dreams (Next) ” a heartfelt reflective track that dives into believing in oneself. Over a soulful and alluring backdrop crafted by Big Jerm, both emcees proceed to implore listeners to go after their dreams.
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Dre Delamar – “Voss (Music Video)”


Dre Delamar shares the exotic visuals for his song “Voss” taken from his recently released Vibes EP. The track has a moody and punchy backdrop that fits his smooth laidback flow. The visuals are engaging too and capture the rapper in an unknown exotic land pursuing a mysterious woman.
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JR Nash – “cHancEs (remix)”


Emerging rapper JR Nash shares a heartfelt single titled “cHancEs (remix).” Over a somber piano-laden backdrop, he reflects on his personal tribulations and struggles as a man and an artist.

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Heen – “Colorblind”


Emerging Norway emcee Heen delivers a smooth summer jam titled “Colorblind.” The summer-tinged track produced by TheKidGoran is all about feel-good vibes and smooth uplifting lyrics.

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Boy Pierce – “The Internet Used to be Funny” feat. MC Lars

Boy Pierce teams up with legendary emcee MC Lars on this humor-filled and insightful track titled “The Internet Used to be Funny.” Over a sparse punchy backdrop, both emcees explore the radical change of the internet since its advent. From the early days when it was filled with funny lighthearted videos but now it’s filled with unsavory elements and let’s be honest, it’s kind of tragic.

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Ali Cashius Jr x Futuristic – “Hello”

Ali Cashius Jr and Futuristic bring their lyrical strength to the forefront on “Hello.” The single is ripe with bright bells and keys and a punchy trap backdrop and is peppered with vivid lyrics.
“Hello” is the lead single from his new album Flight Club.
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Rhyme the Ripper – “Where you been hiding?”

New Zealand emcee Rhyme the Ripper shares a new song “Where you been hiding?” with us this week. The moody piano-laden track is heartfelt and insightful and his flow is quite impassioned too. This is the second song off an upcoming EP, Rhyme the Ripper has been working on.
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Leland Philpot x Ty Luv The MC – “JUST DO”


Leland Philpot teams up with Ty Luv The MC for this upbeat lyrical fest titled “JUST DO.” Backed by the piano-laden backdrop, both emcees show listeners the true essence of lyricism. “JUST DO” is taken from Philpot’s comic book-themed EP, “LIMITBREAK!”,
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Jayson Cash x Blxst – “Priority”

Rapper, songwriter, and Carson native Jayson Cash teams up with LA powerhouse and 2021 XXL Freshman Blxst on his new single “Priority.” The heartfelt R&b infused track sees the rapper detailing the dynamics of his new relationship from the rocky start, good times and all, Cash gives a balanced view of it all. Joining him on the track is vocalist Blxst who ties it up with a catchy melodic hook. The music video highlights the chill atmosphere of a West Coast kickback and showcases two California talents on the brink of breakout success.
Stream/Download “Priority” here.


Alden Groves – “Baptize”


Alden Groves’ “Baptize” is a thought-provoking track that dives into delicate issues such as meditation, Bipolar disorder, and the rejection of language and thought as a tool for understanding one’s self and the world. Inspired by his own personal experiences, Groves gives us a glimpse into his struggles and how he found a way to overcome them all. “Baptize” is the second single off his upcoming album The Comfortable Dark.
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C. Young – “Remain Optimistic”


C. Young‘s “Remain Optimistic” is a soulful motivational track that flips the classic song by Sounds Of Blackness in the most appropriate manner. The emerging rapper delivers a passionate performance filled with insight and uplifting lyrics that we all need in these perilous times. The video is Directed by Natále.

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Lex Leosis – “That Feel “


Toronto emcee Lex Leosis shares the video for the single “That Feel ” and announces the release of her full-length project Terracotta. The track is a mid-tempo summer jam ripe with evocative rap verses and a seductive melodic chorus to match.
The visuals were shot in both Los Angeles and Toronto by the director, Yohalmo who showcases the longboard communities in LA. Director, Sharleen Meinke, who also directed the “Wanted” official video, shot Leosis’ parts in Toronto.
Get the entire project here.


Mostly George x Oblivious – “Moves”


Mostly George and b share the 90s boom-bap-inspired collaboration titled “Moves” Backed by a moody menacing backdrop, the emcees proceed with vivid and gripping lyric-dense performance.
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FEELSOUL shares “GOD FREESTYLE” a loosie that showcases his descriptive rap style and impassioned flow over a soulful backdrop.


Jalan Veasley – “Degree Me”


Emerging rapper Jalan Veasley pays homage to future graduates on the heartfelt single titled “Degree Me.” Over a soulful backdrop, he talks about his journey in both academics and life in general. He implores listeners to not give up and keep the dream alive.


Jamar Carr – “9PM in ShadyVille”


NY rapper Jamar Carr is not letting up and shares his new single “9PM in ShadyVille” a moody ad reflective piece that sees him in his element. He details the dynamics of fake friends, lack of trust, and being surrounded by naysayers. All these still couldn’t stop him from trying to achieve his dreams. “9PM in ShadyVille” is taken from his upcoming EP titled FatherTime.


Lèlèman – “POUND”


Lèlèman returns with “POUND” a mellow minimalistic track that displays his melodic flow and carefree demeanor.




Alph Tha Alien- “Outer Limits” (Official Video)


Los Angeles emcee Alph Tha Alien shares the video for his self-produced song “Outer Limits.” A mid-tempo experimental track is ripe with dark production and vivid lyrics. The video is directed by Evan Clark who goes for fantasy and off-kilter aesthetic.
“Outer Limits” is from his album Black Tax.
Get it on Spotify.


Tino The Spider – “Stop”


Tino The Spider pays homage to the culture of hip-hop and rap on his new release titled “Stop” With a hard-hitting thumping backdrop, fiery lyrics, and a memorable call and response type chorus, Tino sure delivers a solid nostalgia-inducing piece we all can appreciate.
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Bay Area artist BREEDSWORLD continues his streak of fire singles with “DOLLA,” a self-produced, motivational anthem for anyone in need of some inspiration—or a new banger for their summer playlist. The track has a melodic and bass-heavy feel coupled with the rapper’s insightful lyrics on survival in these hard times.
Get it on all DSPs here.

DEELA wants you to “Get A Grip”

British-Nigerian rapper DEELA comes through with this unapologetic single titled “Get A Grip.” The track has an atmospheric texture and booming trap drum groove which fits her sultry vocal tone and vivid lyrics. She dwells on the joys of living single while touching on the drama that comes with being attached to someone. She is quite blunt on this tune and explicitly states her physical needs for anyone who wants to date her.

Keep up with DEELA | Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Twitter: Instagram

Good.To.Go and Devro display “Du(el)ality”

Los Angeles-based emcee makes his way to our site with his new single “Du(el)ality” which sees him collaborating with Devro. Over a somber piano-laden backdrop, both emcees deliver honest verses laced with reflective and bravado elements.


Get “Du(el)ality” on SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music

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Cindy Zhang ,Sarah Kang and okhissa look at the “Numbers”

Cindy Zhang‘s new release “Numbers” sees her collaborating with singer Sarah Kang and LA-based rapper Okhissa. The piano-laden track is a reflective and insightful tune that dives into the effects of finding validation through social media. The singers deliver stunning vocal runs that blend angelic melodies and harmonies in unison while Okhissa comes through with an evocative verse.


Keep up with Cindy Zhang  | SoundcloudSpotifyWebsiteInstagram

UFO Fev & Vanderslice – “Enigma of Dalí” (Album Review)

This is the 5th full-length album from Harlem emcee UFO Fev. Coming up in 2014 off his debut album Around My Way., it wasn’t until 2020 when he saw his biggest year yet by dropping not 1 but 3 well received projects: the Statik Selektah-produced sophomore effort Fresh Air along with the Termanology-produced debut EP From El Barrio, With Love & the Big Ghost Ltd.-produced 3rd album The Ghost of Albizu. Dude just dropped Magnum Opus last month & is already enlisting Vanderslice for the follow-up Enigma of Dalí.

After the titular intro, the first song “Crack Shifts” is an eerie boom bap opener with him & Flee Lord talking about that’s exactly what they be workin’ whereas “Moody Bass” has a more rich instrumental & Fev saying he’s gonna take this shit mainstream. Red Inf tags along for the mellow “Pack Flip” talking about a plan to wake up the masses just before advising to keep it off the speakerphone when talking money on “Home Team”, which has some amazing sampling throughout.

Meanwhile with “Artfully Done Street Shit”, we have Red Inf returning over a guitar & some dusty drums calling out those stealing the sauce leading into him saying he’s too far over the top on the dusty albeit piano-laced “Scroll Music”. The song “Jazz Criminals” with SmooVth fittingly has a jazzy beat with both of them getting mafioso while the penultimate track “Scarlett Letters” jumps on top of some violins to state that he’s painting like Salvador Dalí. Then there’s the closer “All That Glitters, where Fev & Sure Shot come together for a slick romance ballad.

Magnum Opus was cool, but I personally prefer Enigma of Dalí better. Vanderslice’s production is much more consistent than it was on Fev’s last album & the dude continues to reveal himself as one of the illest MCs in the New York underground right now.

Score: 8/10

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Kurt Sunn is always in “Motion”

Kurt Sunn‘s newest release “Motion” is a somber and reflective piece that sees the emerging rapper pouring his personal issues on wax. Bolstered by the soulful and reflective backdrop courtesy of Dylan Graham, Sunn takes the listener deep into his life and what he has to deal with daily.

“Motion” is a track off his latest EP titled Elemental Motion. Get “Motion” on Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud


Keep up with Kurt Sunn | SoundCloud:Apple Music : Bandcamp: Twitter : Instagram