OA Jay Sheds Lights On Homelessness In The Veteran Community With New Video Premiere “Wounded Veteran”


January 27, 2023

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OA Jay from Miami showcases a harsh reality for not only discharged veterans but the homeless as well. With a rise in homelessness in our veteran community, the rising emcee sheds light on this in a impactful way in the new video premiere for “Wounded Veteran”.

Ty Farris & Trox Release Amazingly Cohesive “Welcome 2 Room 39” Ahead of Next Month’s “NCJC5” (Album Review)

This is the 9th full-length album from Detroit emcee Ty Farris. Coming up under the name T-Flame, he was featured on a lot of projects throughout the mid-2000’s until the very end of the decade where he started to put out solo stuff at a prolific rate from Tyrant to Room 39. But coming fresh off his 3rd EP Moments of Mayhem alongside his last 2 albums Fluorescent Mud & Pain for Ya Vein respectively, Ty’s liking back up with Trox for a 3rd installment of the Room 39 saga.

After the intro, the first song “Defiant Stance” is an impassioned opener with Ty talking about not tolerating any disrespect & smiling when slitting motherfucker’s necks whereas “Came a Long Way” with 38 Spesh finds the 2 over a soulful instrumental talking about how far they’ve made it in this rap game. “Another Crackbaby” works in a high-pitched vocal sample with some kicks & snares getting on his battle rap shit, but then Rome Streetz comes into the picture for the woozy “Different Bracket” justifiably comparing & contrasting them from anyone else bar for bar.

However with “Disloyalty Meets Greed & Revenge”, we have T-Flame over a mellow ass beat coming through with some remarkable storytelling for 3 & a half minutes leading into the groovy “Please Don’t Overdose” of course talking about that cocaína. “You Didn’t Know You Was in Hell” returns to the boom bap welcoming you to a place where everybody be plotting just before the song “Let’em Out the Prison” going into more conscious territory with a somber yet dusty beat. The penultimate track “Seize It” with Noveliss sees the pair over a flute talking about waiting their lives for this moment & “Venting” is a confessional closer with a slick instrumental.

Everything that Trox has laced for Ty is just absolute gold, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Welcome 2 Room 39 stands as my favorite project that he’s done since the 4th installment of the No Cosign, Just Cocaine series. I know I’ve been like a broken record for the past year by mentioning the long-awaited 5th & final entry set to arrive next month, but this continues to bring the astonishing cohesiveness that made Room 39 & it’s sequel highlights in T-Flame’s discography.

Score: 9/10

Violent J Sets Sophomore Solo Album “Bloody Sunday” for February 17 Release, Drops 3rd Single “Some Good Pussy”

January 27, 2023

The Duke of the Wicked himself Violent J gears up for his upcoming 2nd solo album Bloody Sunday by releasing the song “Some Good Pussy” on all streaming services. The album was initially set to come out on November 25, but is confirmed for February 17.

El Gant Drops “Leave It Alone” Mini-Action Movie Feat. DJ Premier


January 26, 2023

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NYC rapper El Gant delivers a scathing look at the downside of the information age in his new video for “Leave It Alone,” which plays out like a mini-action movie featuring none other than DJ Premier who produced the track. Directed by The Last American B-Boy, the visuals center on El Gant in the role of ‘90s action hero who’s looking to make things right for the children and save them from the ills of the world. In this case, the ills are all the screens that so many of us are inundated with on a daily basis, from TVs and smartphones to computer monitors and tablets. “Leave It Alone” is taken from El Gant’s new LP, O.S.L.O.available now through all DSPs and vinyl in both classic black along with a Fat Beats Exclusive variant in translucent light blue (limited to 100 copies). In addition to Preemo, the 10-track LP boasts guest appearances and production by Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Bobby J From Rockaway, Marco Polo, J57 and more. 

ETO x Jai Black Drop New Video “Power”


January 26, 2023

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Rochester unite! Eto and Jai Black drop a new video “Power” taken from the newly released LP “Abyss Dwellas” fully produced by Australia’s Deepstar The Abyss Dwella.  The eleven track effort is out now via all DSP’s now (Divine Matter Records) with vinyl via Tuff Kong Records.

Eto Releases Highly Anticipated 5th Album “Dead Poets” Produced By Futurewave, First Solo Effort in 2 & a Half Years (Album Review)

Eto is an MC from Rochester, New York who I first caught wind of him in 2018 with his feature at the end of the 6th installment of Westside Gunn’s infamous HWH mixtape series & eventually his DJ Muggs-produced full-length debut Hell’s Roof a few months later. This was followed up with Long Story Short as well as & Front Row & The Beauty of It, but is enlisting Toronto’s very own Futurewave behind the boards to make Dead Poets his first solo effort in 2 & a half years.

The titular intro sets things off with a bare piano instrumental talking about people trying to leave them in the dark & still shining regardless whereas “Vintage” works some raw kicks & snares declaring that he’s still living like the king he truly is to this day. “Bullets & Pills” was a good choice for a lead single keeping things in boom bap turf talking about having to clean up shop if one got the bills prior to Daniel Son tagging along for the gritty follow-up “Make It Out” as they both vividly describe being fortunate enough to get out of tough situations alive & well.

Moving on from there with “Poetry is Dead”, we have Eto over lavish piano chords pointing out the fact that those cut from the same cloth as him won’t live if the grind stops leading into “Cut the Robbin” returning to the boom bap declaring shop to be open for business nor to forget the unforgiven. The solemn titular interlude prioritizes self discipline & addressing that he hasn’t taken any losses or even wins yet just before G4 Jag comes into the picture for the jazzy “Did You Hear?” answering the question if either of them heard what others have said.

“My Poetry Deep” talks about how rare it is to see a costless person fall after learning that scared money gets it all over a boom bap instrumental with some harmonious background vocals while the song “City Broken” with Warlord Ironsheik has a more morbid approach sonically as both MCs advise not to slip & that slowly is the fastest way to get to where you wanna be in life. The penultimate track “Black Star” is a symphonic boom bap hybrid speaking on what those who die good men will receive & “Don’t Listen” ends things with Tearz handling the verses calling himself Van Gogh with a hoodie & Timbs on top of a tranquil beat.

From the moment Dead Poets was announced over the summer, I knew it was bound to be a great comeback from Eto after nearly 3 years of dropping a solo effort & I’m more than satisfied with the outcome of it. Although I respectfully wasn’t too crazy about the features during the back end of the album, Futurewave’s production is incredibly consistent & Swayze himself sounds rejuvenated on the mic.

Score: 8/10

Kaekingkally Looks At The Past In Debut Hit “Partyin’ Was Fun”

Kaekingkally recently began his journey in the music world with a first track titled “Partyin’ Was Fun.” Filled with his creative genius, “Partyin’ Was Fun” also showcases his natural desire for blending genres, styles, and even eras within his own signature sound. 

These major innovations appear in the form of a fusion in which 90’s vibes blend in perfectly with the most modern and refreshing Hip-Hop produced today. Nas, Ice Cube, Jay Z, B.I.G, 2Pac, Easy E, Michael Jackson, and Usher are all the artists that Kaekingkally admired growing up. But it is Ice Cube that played a crucial role for Kaekingkally. It is when the young artist listened for the first time to “No Vaseline” on his mobile phone that he knew he realized he wanted to become a rapper

“Partyin’ Was Fun” is an ideal debut track for him because in many ways, it is unpredictable, fun and introduces him as a versatile artist capable of excelling in multiple roles.