Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene Can Be Proud To Count Black King Savior Among Its Talented Artists – “Going Crazy”

The Chicago Hip-Hop scene can be proud to count Black King Savior among its talented artists, representing his community and supporting the BLM movement with his latest release, “Going Crazy.” Black King Savior has dedicated his energy during many years to strengthening the unity and organization of the afro-american communities in their fight against police brutality, long before the BLM movement. 

However, he reached a tipping point when watching George Floyd’s video, and out of despair, wrote “Going Crazy.” This track can and will be the anthem of the millions of people fighting for equal rights in the United States, and that’s a well-deserved fact knowing the honest, and raw authenticity Black King Savior has been proving during the various projects he led for many years. Lyrically aggressive and brutally honest, “Going Crazy” is a debut masterpiece by one of Hip-Hop’s brightest Chicago-based artists.  

Mayhem & Reckonize Real – “City Rises Up” Ft. Skyzoo & Treva Holmes (Video)

Boston bred rhyme vet Mayhem (of EMS) & buzzing Queens, NY producer Reckonize Real drop the video treatment for the Dions Cartoons animated “City Rises Up” featuring Brooklyn wordsmith Skyzoo & Boston R&B crooner Treva Holmes. The single can be found on Mayhem & Reckonize Real’s “Audio Murals” album featuring Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh & more available on all streaming platforms!

Vish-K – “Lucky Turned Favored” (EP Review)

With so many hot new artists coming out of Atlanta, GA right now, it’s the perfect time for Vish-K to follow suit and receive his seat at the top among the rest.  With his recent debut EP release “Lucky Turned Favored” the five-track project takes fans inside the emerging artist’s underworld adventures. Arising from the bottom, the project is a short but sweet effort that brings the artist on the rise sound to the masses. Starting off with a real heavy hitting single “Part of Me”, he decides if he will be the next big thing or back to the drawing board.

Lyrically, Vish-K is, if anything else, cunning and chameleon, especially on his track “Upper-Unity”. Surprising, aggressive and street smart, he rhymes in code, integrates trending terms and tells a cliche story that fans love with a fresh take. It’s almost effortless how impressive the rapper’s street-driven abilities throughout the bite-size project. With one listen of  Vish-K and you’re be instantly addicted.

The EP’s production is simplistic, with a raw mix of Boom Bap and trap at the same time. Being so short, the EP’s sound easily attracts as it stay consistent track-to-track. This is a similar trait that many legends have been known to follow when it comes to beat selection, especially with his most notable single “Irregular”. Vish-K builds trust and genuine chemistry for all his fans that reflects off his astonishing work that will go unforgotten.

A real student of the game, the new EP showcases an ever-evolving Vish-K. His gritty rhymes perfectly reflect the late 90s Hip Hop that propelled today’s superstars (Jay Z, Eminem) with a solid Atlanta homegrown influence. Understanding what works, how to execute and how to intrigue, Vish-K converts newfound fans easily and will have them eager to check out previous releases. A pivotal moment in his career, Vish-K is only one song away from becoming a trailblazer. Overall, if you enjoy or miss that raw Atlanta street knowledge than Welcome to “Lucky Turned Favored”, which is just for you.  Follow him on Instagram @vishkmusik.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism