Milano Constantine & Showbiz – “Eating But Still Hungry” (EP Review)

Milano Constantine is an MC from New York City originally coming up in the early 2000s as a D.I.T.C. affiliate. However, it wouldn’t be until 2015 when he dropped his official debut album The Believers. Since then, Milano had built up an impressive solo catalogue by putting out a total of 4 albums & an EP. But coming fresh off his collab album with Body Bag Ben entitled Write It In Blood, the East Coast vet is tapping in Showbiz for his 2nd EP that’s only on Apple Music for right now.

“Cavili Champ” is a great way to kick the whole thing off with it’s blaxploitation-like instrumental as well as Milano’s bars about “only giving soul music like Donny Hath”, but then the next song “Bank Stopper” incorporates some horns into the beat as he proclaims his magnificence. The track “Come On” goes into detail about the streets not playing fair on top of a heavenly vocal loop whereas “Gin Rummy” contains a triumphant beat & delving into why it ain’t it safe to play in the streets.

The song “Broadway Joe” reminisces about the material he’s killed over some horns & a guitar while “Night & Day” incorporates a classy instrumental as Milano gloats. The penultimate track “On My Father” is an impassioned anthem about fighting for democracy & then the closer “Save the Children” is a violin-induced banger about doing what he has to for his babies.

In my personal opinion, Eating But Still Hungry is up there with The Way We Were & Boulevard Author for Milano’s magnum opus. He & Showbiz bring the best out of each other by providing some old school, East Coast gang shit in terms of the pen game & overall sound.

Score: 8/10

Motown’s Cam Wallace Goes “Retail” For New Video

Last week, Motown Records made the formal announcement of signing Houston sensation Cam Wallace. “Cam is a once-in-a-lifetime talent that raps, sings, produces, engineers, mixes at a high quality,” said Vice President of A&R – Motown – Shawn Barron in a statement. This week, the label prepares for his forthcoming album with the release of the artist debut visual, “Retail.”

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Directed by Jaimar Viray, Cam Wallace introduces himself to a broader audience with stylistic wordplay and dressing. Lounging around the apartment with his beautiful love interest, Wallace stares out the window and shows off his unique vintage pieces and tells new fans what he has in store for them. The video’s concept comes from a recent experience. He explains:

“I was actually in a fitting room trying on different looks when I first heard the beat and I literally started writing the record there. The instrumental instantly felt like music you hear while shopping. It was the perfect backdrop to my favorite pastime; shopping for fits. It felt like something women would get dressed to before going out. That look in the mirror, feel-good music.”

Produced by Swoope, “Retail” is available now on all DSPs. Cam Wallace’s Motown debut is expected late-2021. Get familiar with the new star below, afterwards, feel free to follow him on social media for daily updates and more.