Battle Rapper Arsonal bka Arsonal da Rebel Shares ‘Underrated’ Mixtape

Featuring Wyclef Jean, Shotgun Suge, Tsu Surf, Cheeks Bossman, Lady London, and Raheem DeVaughn. Legendary Battle rapper Arsonal da Rebel transitions into a recording artist as he embarks on the next phase of his career with the release of the new mixtape, Underrated.

On fine-tailored production by some of the hottest underground producers, including, Sharke, Ril Beats, Just Dre, Othello Beats, Mo, Ojay Got Tha Juice, Fatty The Producer, and RicoRunDat. Shredding his killer instinct, Arsonal transforms into a remarkable wordsmith with catchy bars, show-stealing flow and attention-grabbing rhymes.

Available on York Records. Underrated includes breakout songs “Proceed With Caution” and “Jodeci Sex.” Can Arsonal achieve the same success on the charts he did in the battles? Hit the play and find out for yourself.

Take a listen to Arsonal’s next chapter below.

Mark Ski – “Catch-REC” (Album)

UK Hip Hop legend Mark Ski has just dropped his new producer album titled “Catch-REC” off of FiveSe7en Collective/Soulspazm Records. The album is entirely produced by Mark Ski and features the MCs Blame One, J57, El Gant, G.Huff, WNOL, H3RO and more.

Make sure to check out the new album below as well as show support by purchasing here via bandcamp!


OZ Sparx Calls Up JGreen & 2KBaby For ‘Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin’ (LP)

A popular Philly recording artist, OZ Sparx, puts the new age of Hip Hop on notice who overlooked his buzzing string of hits in “Antisocial,” “Stevie” and “Know What To Say,” with a new 18-track project called Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin. A thrilling new wave filled with catchy lingo, street codes and money motivation, Sparx new album is the perfect origin point for unknown fans dying for the future of Hip Hop.

Alongside the hits, the album includes breakout cuts “Prescriptions” and “Dead Bodies.” And with an unwavering love for his city, Sparx spends the majority of the project paying homage to the City of Brotherly Love and his long history of some of the best street raps that Hip Hop has every heard, with JGreen and 2KBaby.

After the stream, available now on EMPIRE, find out more on the rising star via social media. This is a must-hear, stream it now.

Skrizzy Ends 2020 With A “Toxic” New Single

Skrizzy and his love-sick style has become one of 2020’s breakout stars in music. His Music We Can Fuck Too brought awareness to his resurgence but it was his 2020 run of hits “All My Dawgs” and “UndercoverHoe” featuring 24HRS, that solidified his star power. Soaring right now and only reaching higher heights with his new lease on a career, Skrizzy prepares for the fourth quarter with a stunning new heartbreak song, simply-titled, “Toxic.”

More love, sex and mayhem, the Nevermore produced single tells an entanglement story between Skrizzy and a love interest that ends with a lot of nasty sex and regret. Living up to the song title, Skrizzy is dark, conniving and explosive as his guest, Menacin Johnson, channels his rage into a catchy sing-a-long melody.

Ideally Skrizzy’s best work yet. “Toxic” is an awesome lead way into Skrizzy’s promising 2021 filled with bigger music and more star-studded collaborations. Until then, “Toxic” is available now on all DSPs via Forever Trill. For everything Skrizzy, feel free to follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Rittz – “Picture Perfect” (Album Review)

This is the 6th full-length album from Georgia emcee Rittz. Rising to prominence in 2011 with his White Jesus mixtape, the acclaim of that 1 single project led to him signing to Strange Music & releasing a total of 4 albums on there with each one showing his growth both musically & personally: The Life & Times of Jonny ValiantNext to NothingTop of the Line & Last Call. Rittz would go on to form his own label CNT Records & dropped his first album on there Put a Crown On It last year on Black Friday but now, he’s already back with Picture Perfect.

The opener “Picture This” sets the tone for the whole thing as Rittz comes through with a lengthy diatribe backed by a 2000’s Dr. Dre-type beat whereas the next song “‘Till the End” talks about his legacy over a trap beat with some funereal piano chords. The song “Ain’t I” talks about being the truth over a trap instrumental that almost has a Three 6 Mafia feel to it while the title track with Tech N9ne sees the 2 in their shit-talking bag over a rap rock beat.

“Jesus Blanco” could very well be one of Rittz’ worst songs yet as he & Nawf6od rap about nothing over a comatose instrumental, but “Fucked Up Day” is his own, mediocre rendition of Keith Murray‘s “Bad Day”. The song “Geek Monster” gets romantic as such over a moody beat & a cringey ass hook while the track “Hell & Back” with Doobie finds both of them discussing their trials & tribulations over a guitar, organ, whistles & some hi-hats.

The song “Friend Zone” is another love tune that’s just as tedious as “Geek Monster” while the track “Positive Vibe” with Twisted Insane sees the 2 talking about coming from the slums over a cavernous beat. The song “Pain Killers & Paint Colors” with Chris Webby talking about money over a slick instrumental while the penultimate track “Bring Me Down” with Merkules & Snak the Ripper sees the 3 downplaying any negativity over a grimy C-Lance beat. The album ends with “Saved My Life”, where Rittz talks about how music has helped him over a mellow instrumental.

Yeah, I’m pretty indifferent towards this new album at the end of the day. Rittz has definitely become one of my favorite southern spitters in recent memory, but I could’ve done without a couple of the features & the production choices for the most part are pretty weak in comparison to his previous efforts.

Score: 5/10

Papoose – “Endangered Species” (Album Review)

Papoose is a 42 year old MC from New York City who rose to fame by dropping a slew of mixtapes throughout the 2000s. His full-length debut The Nacirema Dream finally saw the light of day in 2013, which was followed up with You Can’t Stop Destiny in 2015 & then Underrated at the beginning of last year. However, Papoose has decided to enlist Brady Watt to produce a bulk of his 4th full-length album over here.

The album kicks off with “Billionaire”, where Papoose talks about getting a big bag out of this rap shit before time runs out over some keyboards & organs with the drums popping in midway through while the next track “Boxcutter” talks about having the deadliest pen of them all over a deadly boom bap beat. The song “Cobra Scale” brags about how he’s living over a harp loop while the track “Kickback” with Conway the Machine & French Montana sees the 3 spitting battle bars over a luxurious instrumental.

“The Human Body (The Brain)” is a full-blown science lesson with a dystopian beat while the song “COVID-19” gives a run-down of the ongoing pandemic backed by a ghostly instrumental. The track “Maturity” pays tribute to his wife Remy Ma over some piano chords while the song “Hate Be Real” talks about those who’re envious of him over a rock inspired beat.

The following track is a killer sequel to Numerical Slaughter” accompanied by some strings while the song “Antidote” compares his raps to just that over a whimsical beat. The penultimate track “Workin’” over an creepy instrumental from DJ Premier & then the closer “Tribute” pretty much freestyles over 50 Cent’s “Many Men (Wish) Death” paying homage to those who were murdered by corrupt cops.

This dude’s last 3 albums have been either hit or miss with me personally, but I think this might be his best one to date. The production on here is a lot more consistent to my surprise & Papoose’s lyrical talents are still as off the way as they were when he first came up.

Score: 7/10

Joey Cool – “Coolie High” (Album Review)

This is the brand new album from Kansas City rapper Joey Cool. Gaining attention as a long-time affiliate of local independent hip hop powerhouse Strange Music, he releasing a total of 4 mixtapes & a studio album on his own before Tech N9ne decided to officially sign him to the Snake & Bat just about 3 years ago. He made his official Strange debut in 2018 with his self-titled sophomore effort & that was followed up last fall with Old Habits Die Hard. But with his birthday being earlier this week, Joey is celebrating by dropping Coolie High.

The opener “Black Magic” speaks on his prophecy over a trap instrumental from Dominique Sanders with a catchy rhythm to it & then the next track “It’s All Me” talks about the redundancy to talk shit over an icy boom bap beat. The song “You Ain’t Seen Shit” claps back at the naysayers over a militant trap beat from 7 while the track “I’m Fine” is a great humble brag backed by a rubbery Kato instrumental.

The song “Bandolera” with Bodega Bamz, J-Izzie & VG Legacy sees the 4 getting sexual over a Latin-flavored instrumental from longtime collaborator Burna Music while the track “Lifting Me Higher” vents about his inner struggles over a gospel-esque beat. The song “Lions” with JL & Tech N9ne is a deadly showcasing of their chopping skills while the track “Blame Coolie” talks about wanting all the smoke over a diabolical-sounding instrumental.

The song “F.S.U. (Fuck Shit Up)” is a monstrous moshpit starter while the track “Talk About It” ponders what he did to get people talking shit about him over a chaotic beat. The song “Poisoned” talks about how it’s a messed up world over a druggy instrumental while the track “Pirates” with Rittz finds the 2 boasting over a skeletal yet aggressive beat.

The song “Hold Up” with Landxn Fyre sees the 2 talking about those who act like they ain’t shit over a vibrant instrumental while the track “Systematic” with the late Info Gates finds the 2 diving into the meaning of such over a spacious boom bap beat. The song “Why Do You Love Me?” with Yung Scar is a decent romance ballad with some saloon-esque piano chords while the track “Go There” with Krizz Kaliko sees the 2 talking about looking to ease their minds over a full blown reggae beat.

The song “Wish I Was You” talks about those who want to be in Joey’s position over an uplifting beat while the track “Stuck” talks about someone who refuses to change over a moody instrumental while the song “Still Catchin’ Waves” talks about never looking back to the past. The titular closer gets celebratory over a rock influenced instrumental & then the bonus cut “Blessed” talks about accepting who he is over a synth heavy boom bap beat.

Man, it just seems like Joey just keeps getting better & better with each year he puts something out. There were a few features that I personally could’ve done without, but you get a really good look at how skilled Joey is as an MC throughout a good portion of this album’s 72 & a half minute runtime.

Score: 7/10

Saipher Soze, Futurewave & Finn – “Eat What You Kill” (Album Review)

Saipher Soze is a 31 year old MC from Toronto, Canada coming up as a member of the Brown Bag Money collective. He eventually went solo on 2017 with Godbody & then Kanibull Rising just 10 months after that but after doing a handful of features throughout 2019 & a little bit of this year too, Saipher is back with his 3rd full-length album.

The album ends with “Ambrosia” gets confrontational over a frightening instrumental from Futurewave whereas the next song “Fat Cheques” with Daniel Son & Mooch finds the trio talking about the money over a soulful Finn beat. The track “Strong Arm Godz” with Asun Eastwood sees the 2 spitting straight up gangsta shit over a boom bap instrumental with an acoustic loop while the song “Ho-Lee-Chow” close captions his life over a ghostly beat.

The track “Lycan” talks about moving weight & sticking dudes up if he ain’t gon’ make it in the industry over a symphonic boom bap instrumental while the song “Unadulterated” with Family Gang Black finds the 2 getting murderous over a devilish beat. The track “Powerhouse” talks about double-crossers over a gritty instrumental while the song “Moe Greene” gets back on the money-tip over a luxurious beat.

The track “Roland Garros” comes at his competition’s necks over a gloomy instrumental while the song “Screwface” talks about not trusting a soul over a mournful boom bap beat. The track “Mulekick” talks about falling for nothing over a dreary instrumental while “The Revenant” with Jai Black sees the 2 talking about the game getting twisted over a suspenseful beat. The song “Van Glow” reunites with Family Gang Black to talk about time moving fast over a jazzy instrumental & then the closer “Sock Darts” reunites with Daniel Son to talk about how much noise they’ve made in recent years over a beat with some keys & horns.

Overall, this is the best thing that Saipher’s has put out yet. Not only has his lyricism stepped up with each new album, but Futurewave & Finn both remind listeners of their place as some of the dopest producers in the underground today.

Score: 9/10

Majik Ninja Entertainment – “Songs of Samhain” (EP Review)

This is the new surprise EP from Detroit hip hop label Majik Ninja Entertainment. Founded by Twiztid in 2014, they’ve proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the underground with an all-star lineup of artists & a consistent work ethic. They dropped a fantastic showcase compilation in 2017 called Year of the Sword but almost 3 years later, the label’s coming together once more on Songs of Samhain.

After the “We Only Have So Much Time” intro, the first song “Wash” by the House of Krazees talks about murder over a somewhat quirky beat while the track “9lb. Hammer” by Twiztid is a full-blown rap rock moshpit starter. The song ” Murder Carnage” by Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox & Lex the Hex Master sees the 3 getting violent over a rubbery beat from Stir Crazy & then after the “Nursery Rhyme from Another Time” interlude, the track “Die on Samhain” by Alla Xul Elu & the Axe Murder Boyz portrays themselves as serial killers over a nocturnal instrumental from Godsynth.

The track “Death Talk” by the House of Krazees talks about being lunatics over a rock-tinged beat while the song “Haddonfield 2 Crystal Lake” by Twiztid compares themselves to Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees over a somewhat funky beat. The EP finishes with “In My Head”, where Twiztid contemplate about whether or not they’re insane over a spooky instrumental.

Overall, this is a short but sweet surprise effort from one of my favorite hip hop labels in recent memory. All the artists stand out in their own unique way & given everyone’s history in the horrorcore subgenre, they all come together with a consistent batch of songs just in time for the Halloween season.

Score: 7/10