3rd Side Slim – “Killin’ ’em With Ease” (Album Review)

When talking about lyrical versatility and consistency in the Florida rap scene, 3rd Side Slim officially needs to be mentioned from here on out. We’ve been paying attention since he released “Hottest on da Low” earlier this year, now he is following up his fast pace success with his new full-length album, “Killin’ ’em With Ease“. Taking pride in not following any trends, this new project proves that he is steadily paving his own lane as a full time solo artist from down South while also garnering a immense cult following nationwide.

After listening to “Killin’ ’em With Ease“, front to back, it’s difficult to highlight only a handful of songs since the whole project is filled with bangers. We covered his lead single “I Need Uhh” a few days ago, but to any new listener that is reading this review, if you want to know who 3rd Side Slim is as a independent artist, make sure you listen to “F*ck You Mean”. He breaks down his grind and how major labels over shadow him but it’s not a problem for him anyways since he doesn’t need a co-sign anyways.

Looking for that hit off the project, I debate whether it’s, “I’m That Nigga Pt.2”, or the last song “Forreal”. To be honest, both tracks will go down as those classics that take 3rd Side Slim to that level of lyricism comparable to legends like Three Six Mafia in our book. With the rise of so many new age trap rappers coming out of Florida, it’s hard to get impressed by any of them. 3rd Side Slim makes it easy for us real underground heads who are looking for dope music.

With many in the trap scene always sounding the same and redundant, 3rd Side Slim separates himself with this album because he is an actual lyricist and master of the craft. In relation to the project artwork and the song “Off da Muscle”, he fires shots to all the haters and competition on this one. “Killin’ Em With Ease“, gets a score of 8/10. Being that this album has no features, he proves that he’s definitely not reliant on anybody to prove to the game that he is here to stay for the long term as a true solo artist.

D-Rell & Nvy Jonez Lkr – “2 Piece and a Biscuit” (EP Review)

This is the second installment to the Chicken Spot Series by D-Rell & Nvy Jonez Lkr. The native New Yorkers (Harlem & Brooklyn) bring you a taste of what New York sounds like. Touching subjects of police brutality, equality, overcoming poverty and even adding some New York Drill to the mix.

Consisting of 3 tracks, “The Real”, is an explosive single introducing these two cohesive emcees as 2 of the dopest out the East. “Scum of the Earth”, they rhyme over a dope alternative production touching on politics and the current state we living in. With social injustice and street politics being a prime talking point, they speak truth about taking back the culture and influencing the youth. The short EP ends with, “Who Dat”. This song will go down as a cult boom bap classic with Nvy Jonez Lkr’s bar heavy lines then switches up his style to a fast pace gritty flow. With alot of us undergrond on the Griselda tip right now, “2 Piece and a Biscuit“definitly is comparable to that wave.

Even though this EP is a short project, all three song were heaters! We score this a 8/10.

Actor/Artist Aubrey Omari Shares Debut Tracklist, ‘XXI’

After generating interest with previously released singles, “Aston Martin,” “Work” and “Cold.” Well-known Brooklyn recording artist Aubrey Omari makes his debut with the release of his inaugural project, titled, XXI. Today the new artist Omari — best-known for his starring role as Cloak in the popular Marvel/Freeform series, Cloak and Dagger — unveils the tracklist for his anticipated debut. The announcement comes paired with self-directed music videos for “Cold” and “I Waited / Benz,” which features a clip from his Breakfast Club interview as well as still images of Breonna Taylor and childhood friend Pop Smoke.

XXI features buzzworthy acts Mduduzi Madela, NAJ, Féras Chatila, and Lamii. Critics call Aubrey Omari’s sound: futuristic, eclectic and magnetic.

XXI tracklist:

  1. I
  2. Aston Martin
  3. Work
  4. Cold
  5. Good
  6. Benz
  7. Talk Ft. NAJ & Feras Chatila
  8. Koto Night Lights
  9. Bliind Interlude
  10. I Waited
  11. Dangerous Ft. Lamiii
  12. Nobody/Home
  13. XXI

Watch the self-directed video, “Cold” below.

XXI by Aubrey Omari is available everywhere this Friday (July 24).

Monee – “PrivatePartyMonee” (Album Review)

At 1st glance the artwork for “PRIVATEPARTYMONEE” gave me an abstract trap feel. The illusion based cover made me even more excited to hear the tracks. The Lansing Michigan based artist produced the full album himself showing his dynamic skill wanting to set himself apart as the average rapper. Monee wants to find ways to break barriers as he does not like to be called a producer/rapper but instead an artist.

The 1st track “Not Invited” was a standout, I especially liked the production smooth and listen worthy. I can see this track on the radio reminds me of a 21 savage type of sound with a production twist. The Trap Melodic vibe continues with “Goodbye Lansing” symbolic to the power up and leaving the hometown behind to fulfill his fullest potential. “Run That” was within the same tempo but slower bpm the hook is pretty catchy as that seems to be consistent so far.

“Flashtreks” was an abstract sound wave as once again the smooth riding hook with a banging production foundation, The word play used by Monee is flipped throughout the 1st half of the album showing his jack of all trades mentality. “Fuck it I’m faded” swaggy trap soul with a drug based theme, the concept of letting the past go is pretty well put together just needing a video to bring it all together. “Young Medina” was a very complacent song sounds just like the last ones which to seem to also be consistent which is a turn off for listeners who take in the whole album.

“Shit I Love” was  fun loving song were Monee displays his loves for the city and vanitys of the world. “Turtle Dove” was about the Monee past and the chaos that brought him to were he is today, As he lays everything on the table we see the pain endured to create this album. “Flossy” was just that with some key bars like “3 rings call it 3 peat caught ya boy lacking told em its outta Gods reach” cold bars as this track was drill inspired with Melo production. As this album comes to an end the highlights was the production and hooks created and dislikes would be using the same cadence throughout the album and staying in the same Melo expression not showing the dynamic artist of his story.  Follow him on Instagram @maxedoutflaws.

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Production & Hooks

Dislikes: Complacency of verses

T.R.3 – “Play Catch” (Video)

Rising Atlanta based underground Hip Hop artist T.R.3 releases his latest self-directed video titled  “Play Catch“, produced by hvlx.  Reminiscent of a 90’s camcorder-style home video, grainy and full of glitches. T.R.3 channels a dejected drunk, disrupting the solitude of the forest at the river’s edge as he stumbles aimlessly across the edges of the frame.  Follow him on Instagram @tr3world.