West Haven Blast – Rewind: G Funk (EP)

Preparing for his anticipated 2021 full-length release, West Coast vet West Haven builds excitement in today’s release of his new EP, titled, Rewind: G Funk. A five-song collection that relives the glory days of aggressive street Hip Hop that has personified the West Coast we know and love.

Including breakout songs like “Too Gangsta For Radio” and “Call Me Crazy.” The EP displays some of Haven’s best work yet. “I am the illest. Past, present, and future. “Rewind” is a lyrical microcosm of life on the West Coast. Light work. Razor-sharp lyricism over tracks inspired by various West Coast classics,” he wrote in the press release.

Haven has established a mainstay presence with his history of star-studded collaborations of some of the West Coast finest. And with his collaborations, he has solidified his legitimacy with consistent vintage West Coast raps. Rewind: G Funk is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans, available now on all DSPs via Monster Haven Records.

After the stream, find out more about Haven on Instagram.

Stream Rewind: G Funk now.

Mumblz – “Beats From The Crypt” (Tape Review)

Many times it takes a lot for us to review a beat tape since so many these days are making the same 808 type beats on Fruity Loops.  Seems like anybody can be a producer these days with software and a laptop.  But thank GOD there is a breath of fresh air with one of a kind projects like “Beats From The Crypt” by Rochester’s very own Mumblz. The title of the project and artwork immediately caught my attention since I’m a huge fam or dar and grimy beats, always bumping beats from Necro, Doom, and Daringer. Halloween came early this year!

Uploaded exclusively on Rudy Williams T.V., every beat on this tape is fully produced by Mumblz on the SP-404 and recorded live. I will be highlighting a few beats off this project, and then will leave it up to the fans to consume the rest.  After listening to all 10-tracks, it’s kinda hard to find highlights since all the beats are straight bangers. Let’s highlight “Never Again”, the follow up to the intro. This beat screams GRISELDA!!! Literally one of those dudes will eat this beat up. The stings sample along with those snares and drums takes be back to the days when producers kept it authentic.  Mumblz slows down the tempo a bit with “Bodies”. I literally envision a serial killer getting revenge on all who betrayed him, burying them in a place where nobody could find his victims. With “Mummy Walk”, for some reason I hear an emcee like Conway The Machine all over this type of beat. The “Mumblz Theme”, is probably the darkest beat off the project, perfectly in line for placement in horror movies. It’s a short beat giving us a glimpse of the talented producers creative process.

I’m shocked this is Mumblz debut project since he’s been in the scene for well over 2 decades. His foundation as a DJ in the early 2000’s I feel gives him the upper edge in knowing what die hard Hip Hop heads want to hear.  Be on the lookout with future works with names like Romez, ETO, Riggz, Rudy Will, and many more rising emcees. I score their project a 9/10, a rating a rarely give only to those that represent that true Hip Hop.

Below is the track list and time stamps to reference “Beats From The Crypt“.

1. Enter the Crypt – 00:00
2. Never again – 00:36
3. Assassins – 02:13
4. Same dam Lo – 03:25
5. Bodies – 05:18
6. Never come close – 06:27
7. Mummy walk – 08:00
8. Mumblz theme – 09:24
9. Poof – 10:48
10. The Truth – 12:02

Flee Lord & Mephux – “Pray For The Evil 2” (Album Review)

Flee Lord teams up with producer Mephux for their second installment of “Pray For The Evil,” and Flee Lord’s 8th (yes you read that right, 8th) project this year. Flee Lord doesn’t seem to be running out of gas anytime soon either, dropping what may be his most comprehensive project to date. Flee not only reminds us that he deserves to be included in the undergrounds top-tier, he proves it by holding his own drumming alongside some of Hip Hops elite. Accompanied by flawless production by Mephux, Flee shows his range both with content and delivery throughout this project.

On “Cook Out” Fleeigo Delgado recruits veteran Westcoast MC Evidence over a horn-heavy beat as the two rappers deliver hard-hitting braggadocious bars.On what might be the stand out track of the project, “Icewater” co-starring the God-level MC Roc Marciano, you take a grimy yet luxurious sonic ride as the two heavyweights spit eloquently gully bars over a menacingly cinematic string-laced Mephux orchestration. But it’s not all fast pace street talk, as we quickly transition into a slower soulful beat over which the FLYGOD himself, Westside Gunn, reminds us why he has earned his nickname by singing glamorously “All these Palm Angels on, think I’m heaven sent,” before quickly reminding us he will effortlessly pay his shooter 5k to light up your house pronto. Not too many other MCs can pull off a more melodic flow, however the Griselda adjacent Flee Lord tailors his flow effortlessly while rapping about the high life and exquisite taste he has acquired. It’s not soon after that we get “I Remember Back,” a beautiful piano loop over which Houston legend Trae Tha Truth and Flee reminisce on their early days of hustling and dreaming of the success they now embody.

Mephux & Flee Lord in the studio.

And so this is where we find Flee Lord. A street hustler turned business man who is quickly climbing up the success ladder of Hip Hop. We find Flee at a space in his career where he is reaching new heights doing something that took a push by his mentor, the late great Prodigy, while still staying true to his past life in the streets of Far Rockaway and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Flee has always had an honest grit to his music, now a seasoned MC, he expresses his transgressions with poise, like the late great P “mixing the medicine in with the food.” Other notable features include New Crack Era leader Eto, first lady of Griselda Keisha Plum and Trust Army General 38 Spesh. But it’s still Flee Lord who commandeers this project. Its Lord Talk at it’s finest and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Front to back, my rating for “Pray For The Evil 2” is 8.5/10.