AP YCM – “Chrysalis” (Album Review)

AP YCM is an established independent titan from Buffalo, New York. Since 2019, he has become increasingly popular due to the success of projects like “M365” and “Sorry Ass Love Songs”. Recently, he has just released his third album, “Chrysalis”, on all streaming services. Describing the project as a record that focuses on artistic and intellectual progression, will YCM be able to create a mind-boggling masterpiece?

Blending raw emotion with an array of styles, AP YCM is able to make an ever-changing versatile experience. Cuts like “Let Go” and “Doves” are heartfelt ballads that focus on the tortures of love while “Tris” and “Where I Am” are charged up bangers. While the lyricism can sometimes feel surface level, AP makes up for it with his authentic delivery and relatable subject matter. “Another Song/ Lljh” was a definite highpoint as YCM lets listeners into his mind, which is being deluded and tortured by his brother’s loss. The selling point of this LP derives from the principle of being lost in the world. Songs like “Nothing/ Everything” and “Thoughts 4 Two” glorify this as AP YCM guides the audience through all the torture he experiences on a day to day basis. Working within these guidelines, YCM thrives as he is able to give one of the most genuine performances I have heard recently.

Sonically, AP YCM pulls from a plethora of genres to make a forever changing soundtrack. From the trap oriented “Tris” and “Histic” to the poppy “Do This Right”, there is something here for all types of music fans. My favorite type of instrumentals used are the rock-infused cuts like “Let Go” and “Aint Mine”. The darker-toned beats on “Another Song/ Lljh” and “Thoughts 4 Two”, add loads of depth and versatility to this already fleshed out LP. Spiraling things to an even scarier place, “Compassion” and “Throw It Away”, will drown the listener in its gloomy sound. As a whole, the production accompanying YCM’s vocals feels like a rollercoaster when listening due to its array of sounds and styles used.

In conclusion, “Chrysalis” is the AP YCM’s most mature and groundbreaking effort yet. Unfolding the record, it has so much to offer in a relatively short time of 32 minutes. In the future, I hope AP YCM continues to grow and expand upon the style he has nearly mastered. To stay updated with this talented artist, be sure to follow @ap_ycm on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Emotion, Production, Versatility

Mitchell James – “Vintage” (EP Review)

This is the brand new EP from Fort Collins, Colorado rapper Mitchell James. He just dropped an short project last winter called Further Notice & about 9 months later, he’s ready to follow it up with Vintage.

The EP starts off with the title track, where Mitch talks about not passing up his opportunity over a 9th Wonder-inspired boom bap beat. The next song “PB & J” with Honey Boy, Duke Shoota & Trav the Trigger sees the 4 getting romantic over an joyous instrumental & then the closer “Some Kind of Outro” looks back on his past along with discussing where he’s at over a trunk-knocking beat.

Not a bad EP in my opinion. The production is very colorful & this might be the most passionate that Mitch has ever sounded it. Curious to hear where he goes from here.

Score: 7/10

K-Lo Master Outlaw Returns With Brand New Single “Ain’t She Hood”

American artist  K-Lo Master Outlaw is back with yet another new release, this time titled “Ain’t She Hood.” K-Lo Master Outlaw imagined the song when thinking about one of his female friends, Karla Padron, a woman he describes as stylish, well-dressed, and with an inspiring attitude. K-Lo loves everything about her and wanted to show his love with this beautiful track. 

With hundreds of singles released so far, and over a dozen albums, K-Lo Master Outlaw continues proving he is a determined rapper-songwriter who lives and breathes for music. One of his main passions is to share his music with as many people as possible, and after listening to “Ain’t She Hood,” we are most certain the song will reach millions thanks to a sophisticated construction made of groovy beats and flawless flows.